It’s getting harder to find homes, offices, public places, stations, or institutions without WiFi. The number of Internet users is now very high.

All people prefer WiFi too much than cellular data to use the Internet. But what if the WiFi connection is slow?
Then? Here are the top 10 best WiFi booster apps for android OS. Must read the full article.

The decrease in wifi speed does not end the misery. Who likes to watch YouTube videos for fifteen minutes? You don’t like it. I also don’t like it. Imagine you’re trying to connect free WiFi to the railway station. But many people are trying to use or use free WiFi like you do. That’s why WiFi speed has decreased.

Or even a little farther away from the router, the WiFi signal is not available properly. There are no people who have not faced these problems. We all have to face this kind of situation.

Hopefully, one of the solutions is found by the programmers. That’s the WiFi booster app. Many app makers and programmers have created many apps for people’s needs.
These apps can be used for various purposes like increasing WiFi speed, strengthening connections, increasing the range, etc.

The question is here, which app is good? Which one offers more performance and more service? I’m trying to answer the questions in this article.

WiFi Booster Free – Best for Android

1. Network signal booster

This is a great application for WiFi Connection Boost. This app uses a very simple interface and it is user-friendly. Network Signal Booster is really useful. You can find joy using this app to watch YouTube videos, other streaming, or any movie or drama.

Cause it gives the strongest WiFi connection on your mobile. That’s why I’m rating this as a good network booster.

When you open the app after you install it, it will start working. The app finds out where the connection problem is. The app will then close your Internet connection as needed. It will turn on the connection again after a few minutes. The app will give you a maximum speed of WiFi connection or cellular connection. This app is very small in size. Only 6 MB. Of course, it can be a little bit different according to mobile and version.
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2. Wifi doctor free

The app’s name says the definition of this best app. WiFi Doctor detects errors in your WiFi connection. And it solves.

After installing and open the app you will see two options. These are – “Detect” and “Boost“.

With the Detect option, you will see all the problems and other information about your WiFi connection. The app will let you know how many users are using your WiFi connection. The connection is slow when the user is more.

And you can boost WiFi connections with the Boost option. If this option doesn’t work as expected, you can use another option called Advance Boost on the app. However, you can use the app. It’s free. I hope you will enjoy the app.
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3. WiFi booster and Analyzer

This is another perfect app. It allows you to easily know the connection details. With this app, you will also be able to know about the ability of the signal, network security, network frequency, channel, etc.

You can see this in chart form. This app shows the network’s capabilities in Decibel-Milliwatts. You can find out enough details about WiFi connectivity. This is the main thing that is done with the app to increase Internet speed, strengthen WiFi signal, increase server response. People have made different comments about this app. Someone said bad, somebody said well. The app rates 4.1 in the play-store.

The app is also less in size. Depending on the device, it will be less or more about 3 MB. And it’s a free WiFi booster. So, of course, you should use the app.
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4. WiFi Extender

I put this app in the fourth rank. This app is unique for the WiFi signal to be strong.This app makes the video more enjoyable by strengthening the network to watch streaming videos or any live video. So you don’t have to look at annoying icons or animations like video loading. This app is very effective for increasing overall internet speed. This app takes adequate action to ensure that speed does not decrease.  The app is best for boosting internet speed, even if the router has low performance. It’s easy to boost the WiFi connection here. Just click one, it will boost the speed. Users also commented about the app. I like the app. If you use this booster, you will able to understand the benefits of it. Cause I think it’s the best WiFi booster app for android and it’s free. I hope you will love the app.
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5. Net Master

This is an app that will let you know all the information on your WiFi network. And it’s easy to increase WiFi speed. It’s like the first app. This booster is perfect for increasing WiFi speed. The user-friendly interface makes it unique.This boosting app can test the ability of WiFi connections. Also, it will show you how powerful the other WiFi networks around you. With the app, you can see who took the WiFi connection from your router. It allows you to catch WiFi thieves who were using your router secretly. This WiFi booster has been installed by people from Google PlayStore about a million times. If it wasn’t for the very popular, the people would not have installed it.
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6. Wifi booster- range extender

Almost all the apes are great. This app is also great. This makes the internet of low WiFi range usable. So that you can use the Internet without any problems. And easily you can watch any kind of video or browse anything.

If your WiFi connection is weak due to distance, you can easily boost the speed using this app. It’s a top app to boost WiFi connections. This WiFi booster automatically detects errors and fixes all the errors on the network, in a very good way. This boosting app has been installed a million times from the play store. The number is really high. I think you should test this WiFi booster.
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7. NetSpot

Netspot is another amazing WiFi signal boosting app. It has all the options required, that’s why it’s called professional WiFi boosters. This app uses a very simple interface. Users are comfortable using it. You’ll get all the tools on this app you need to customize your WiFi connection. The app is more recognized for boosting Internet speed.

If you want to think about the enterprise of WiFi connection optimizations, you can take their services from this app. Note that they give the customer adequate support. Netspot WiFi Booster allows you to install on android smartphones and computers/laptops/desktops on almost all devices.
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8. Wifi signal booster Speed Test & Manager

It’s one of the best apps to boost the wifi signal. This increases your internet browsing speed by strengthening WiFi signals. We’re very happy to have an automatic job. It’s a booster that boosts the WiFi speed automatically. So that you can use the highest speed internet.

Just one instruction is required to use this signal booster. Download, install, and touch a specific option. Nothing else. Then keep browsing with a smile. It’s a free WiFi booster. So I recommend you check this app. Maybe you’ll benefit.
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9. Network signal speed booster

Perhaps the app is of the lowest size, which acts as a powerful WiFi booster. This booster is about two MB size, not two MB. Which is really small. The app is able to take away your mind even when it is small. It has mind-blowing features that anyone would like.

When you open it after installing it, it will start working. The app will find the problem, solve it. You can then see pop-up messages on your mobile. You can find out if the app has succeeded in doing its work through pop-up messages. From the smallest version of Android, the app can be installed in almost all versions of Android. And the app can be used for free.
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10. Connection stabilizer booster

This is another good internet booster for Android with strong features. However, the app is effective for both cellular and WiFi networks. This Android app can do everything you need to do if the WiFi connection is weak. It has three options for Internet Boost.

If you don’t use WiFi for a while, and if that time the WiFi connection is turned off. Then you’ll select the “Keep-Alive” option for this booster. If your Internet connection is automatically disconnected again and again, then use the “Active Reconnect” option.

There is also another option called “Force Connect”. Which seems to me to be very useful and funny. This means it will also force the weak WiFi signals to connect the internet. It works exceptionally on all networks like 2G/3G/4G/EDGE/WiFi. You must use this free WiFi booster.
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It’s a tough task to find the Top WiFi booster for Android. Because almost all boosters are the same. All of them are the best. Maybe a little less feature on an app, maybe more features. But almost all boosters are free and small. The calculation of this size begins with two MB. If one doesn’t work, try using the other. If you have any different opinions, please comment.

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