Guide of Aces ETM and Aces Limited Brands

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Good evening dear! You may want to know about the details of ACES ETM. Read the good news that I’m writing about it. So stay calm and read the full article carefully.

Guide of Aces ETM(registration, associates log in, HR access, employ schedule), Details of Aces Limited Brand.

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What is ACES ETM?

Simply ACES ETM is an online portal for employees to take offers and many advantages from Aces Limited Brands. This portal is a common thing for Aces Limited Brand’s employees. I have searched for the full meaning of ETM. There are lots of full form ETM. But the most acceptable meaning is “Employee Time Management” for Aces Limited Brands.

What is LBrand?

LBrand is the short form of Limited Brands, is a clothing and fashion retailer and its located in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. Leslie H. Wexner was the founder of this company, he founded this company in 1963. At that time, Wexner was only 26 years old!
The Subsidiaries of LBrands are Victoria’s Secret, Pink, and Bath & Body Works. About 60 thousand employees work for Aces Limited Brands. And total revenue of LBrand is about 13 billion US dollars.
The CEO(Chief executive officer) of LBrand is Andrew Maslow, the COO(Chief operating officer) is Charles McGuigan and the CFO(Chief financial officer) is Stuart Burgdoerfer. They are the key persons of LBrand.

How to Registration on Aces ETM?

Aces ETM has two portals, for management and DM’s, for employees or associates.
If you are an employee of Aces Limited Brands, then you would need to register on Aces ETM. Here is the step-by-step registration process. The company will give you SIN(Social Insurance Number) or SSN(Social Security Number). This code number is needed for registration.

  1. In the form, at first, write your SIN or SSN number.
  2. Secondly, write your birth date.
  3. Write the personal email address in the third field of the form, rewrite the email address.
  4. And now, write a password correctly. You need to write e complex password with capital letters, small letters, numbers, and special symbols. Don’t use any common or guessable word in the password.
  5. You should know the terms and conditions of LBrand. So read it and mark it to go ahead.
  6. Finally, submit the registration form.

How to Login and Access in Aces ETM?

Every registered employee needs to login to get access to their Aces Limited Brand’s account. For the people of management, they will redirect in scheduling page. For the people of DM, network ID will be needed.
However, here is the process to get logged in Aces ETM.

  1. Click on here to go on the login page of Aces ETM.
  2. You will get a user ID on the pay stub, check that.
  3. Then, use that user ID and the password which you created on registration time.
  4. Submit these, and you will see the home page of Aces ETM. That’s it.

How do You See Your Schedule?

It’s pretty easy to work.

  1. Just login with your User ID and Password.
  2. Then check out the left side of your home page/main employ page.
  3. There are some useful links, click on the “My Job” option.
  4. Write your user ID again.
  5. After all, you can see your schedule, cheers!!

The Advantages of Aces ETM for employees

There are many advantages to this portal for employees. After login, you will be able to get the advantages. Here are some advantages.

  1. You can see your work schedule.
  2. You can manage 401K and health benefits.
  3. You can check your pay stubs online.
  4. You can check your Tax details.
  5. You can make the employ report here.

For any problem, contact with Aces Limited Brand. I’m not connected with LBrands. To help you, I just write this article. Thanks for reading the full article.

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