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19 Best iOS Games with Controller Support in 2024

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Do you love playing video games on your iPhone or iPad? Maybe you’re looking for some new games to play with a controller. Either way, this blog post is perfect for you!
Here are the 19 best iOS games with controller support and all of their features. Make sure to check out our favorite game at the end of the list! Sound good? Let’s get started, then!

ios games that supports controller

iPhone, iPad, and iOS Games that Support MFI Controller

1. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is a racing game where you can take on the role of a racer. You will need to compete in various races with all different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
This game has been described as having some of the most realistic graphics yet! If you’re looking for an intense racing experience that’s also accessible, try GRID Autosport.

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2. Fortnite

Fortnite is a team-based video game that allows players to build forts and battle against one another. The game can be played on any device, but the most popular way of playing is through an online connection.
Fortnite was released by Epic Games in July 2017 and has been downloaded more than 45 million times. There are over 125 million active players monthly, with millions of hours spent each day across all platforms worldwide.

3. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is a video game that takes you through the history of gaming. It goes from simple 8-bit graphics to modern-day 3D games and everything in between.
The game starts with an old-school Mario-style level before evolving into something much more complex as it progresses. Evoland 2 is a must-play for anyone who grew up playing video games.

4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

One of my favorite games is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is one of the best games ever! Its really cool because you can do anything in this game, like rob banks, steal cars, go on missions, win races, and more.
This game is awesome if you are looking for a good time!

5. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a story-driven, action RPG experience with heavy influences. A hyperlight drifter’s journey begins when they’re given an assignment by their master: find and destroy any remaining ash trees within their assigned territory.
This isn’t merely about following orders, though, as there are some deeper meanings behind these tasks that will be revealed to players throughout their adventure.


Inside is a video game that was released on June 29th, 2016. It’s about a boy who wakes up in the dark with no memory of what happened to him.
The gameplay consists of puzzles and exploration as you try to figure out where you are and how to escape from this strange place. This game is rated 18+ for blood, violence, language, and sexual content.

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is a racing game that lets players race against each other in multiplayer mode. You can customize your car and select the type of gameplay before starting your event.
There are many different types of events to choose from, and they all take place over beautiful 3D tracks with stunning surroundings!


GRIS is a game that has been rated as one of the best video games of 2018. This game has an amazing storyline and graphics. The player can explore different worlds, find secrets, or just play through the story line. If you are looking for a new game to try, this might be it!

9. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a game that has been released on iOS and Android. It’s the newest release from Madfinger Games, who are known for their Shadowgun series of games.
The gameplay includes FPS (first-person shooter) with RPG (role-playing game) elements. The graphics are amazing, and the controls are easy to become accustomed to!

10. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, action-adventure game. It’s gameplay is similar to games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid. The game features randomly generated levels for each playthrough, which means no two runs are ever the same!
There are also plenty of ways to upgrade your character over time and unlock secrets on every run. So even when you die, there’s always something new for you to try next time around!

11. Lego Brawls

Lego Brawls is a video game that my friends and I like to play. It’s easy because you don’t need to read complicated instructions. It has a few different modes where the goal is to either destroy your opponent or collect as many bricks as possible before time runs out.
You can also unlock new characters by completing missions in the story mode. And it supports MFI controllers smoothly.

12. Into The Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a game for iOS devices. Players take control of a character and try to shoot zombies in order to survive. There are many different types of weapons available, including guns, knives, and grenades.
The game also has an online multiplayer mode where players can compete with each other in teams or individually.

13. Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that lets you build anything you want. You can make objects by using blocks to create different shapes, sizes, and textures. It has been around for over 10 years now!
That’s an incredible amount of time spent in the world of Minecraft. If you’re interested in playing, visit or find it in your app store.

14. Sonic Racing

The new Sonic Racing game is out, and it’s awesome! It has a ton of cool features that will keep you on the edge of your seat. One thing that I love about this game is how easy it is to play.
You can race as one of your favorite characters from the Sonic games, like Tails or Knuckles! If you’re looking for an exciting new racing game, be sure to check out Sonic Racing today.

15. Rush Rally 3

If you’re looking for a racing game that will make you laugh, have fun, and never get bored, then our friends at RedLynx have just the thing. They’ve created this awesome new game where there’s not only tons of cars to choose from but also different terrains!
You can drive on asphalt, dirt, or snow. There are so many cool features in this game that it’s hard to know where to start. The graphics are really good too, which makes driving even more fun!

16. Oddmar

Oddmar is an indie platformer that tells the story of a Viking boy who must fight against his fate. The game has been praised by many critics and video gamers alike for it’s beautiful art design, compelling combat system, and captivating narrative.

17. The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game about friendship, growth, and time. It’s also one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played.
You wander through different slices of life with your best friend, Arina, a shy girl with an extraordinary imagination. And together, you learn how to forgive, forget, and find beauty in imperfection.

18. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is a video game that has been released for iOS and Android. It’s an RPG adventure game with a lot of depth to it. It is a beautiful game that I would recommend for anyone who likes video games and wants to experience something new.
It has an easy storyline, fun gameplay, and captivating graphics. It’s a great way to escape the stress of everyday life.

19. F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is the new game for all of you who are looking to spice up your phone. It’s a free mobile game that lets you race with other players from around the world and enjoy some amazing graphics.
There are four different leagues: rookie league, pro league, champion league and legend league.


iphone games are fun and there are a lot of options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the best MFI controller supported iphone and ipod games for you to explore.
So that when it comes time to play on your phone.

You know which ones will give you the most immersive experience possible. Whether your preference is RPGs or shooters, we have something here for everyone! Check out our full list and let us know what you think in the comments. What’s your favorite iOS game?

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