14 Best Borderlands Games – Ranking in 2022

best game of borderlands ranking start with poll

The first game in the Borderlands Game Series was released in 2009. It is a first-person shooter game, action game, looter game, and role-playing game. This game has an offroad facility. However, now I will list the best to worst Borderlands games in this game series in order. I hope you will take enough time … Read more

13 Best Off-Road Car Racing Games for PS4 in 2022


People of all ages are interested in playing racing games. Of the various racing games, off-road racing games are slowly gaining popularity. However, most of the world’s people play Android games, the demand for off-road games for PlayStation 4 console increases day by day. I am writing a list and description of the 13 best … Read more

5 Free PC Racing Games with Controller Support in 2022

best Free PC car Racing Games with Controller Support

Introduction Almost all PC game control systems rely on mouse and keyboard. Of these, the number of gamepad or joystick supported games is comparatively less. However, today I will briefly discuss the 5 free PC racing games that support the controller. Not all of them are absolutely free. You can play free trial for a … Read more