Nowadays, TikTok is being a trending Android Apps, an easy way to become popular. Almost all of its users enjoy it and agree to consider, TikTok an app worthy of being a celebrity.
Now we’ll teach you How to go live stream on TikTok so easily in 2020. Just follow the below here.

What should you need before Livestream

  • 1 Your profile needs to have at least 1000 followers.
  • 2 The age of Livestream needs to be at least 16.
  • 3 The age for taking “Virtual gifts” need to be over 18.

How to go Live on TikTok step by step.

Step-1: Tap the + icon

Open the TikTok apps on your Android phone. You will stay at the Home of TikTok. Then, first of all, tap the + icon shown in the screenshot above.

Step-2: Tap to Live

After tap the + icon, TikTok will take you in camera. There is two way to shut video. You’ll find + and Live option at the bottom of your screen. Then tap the Live. This will take you to live stream.
Tips: If you do not find the Live option, you can try the following procedure :
  • Please check that your apps are up to date.
  • You don’t have 1000 followers. The number varies from country to country.
  • There is a limit to how many people can go live at the same time. Try again later
  • To know the terms of live stream see above.

Step-3: Add Title for your “LIVE”

At the top, there will be a space allocated to give the title about your LIVE Stream. The title should be attractive and that will make viewers think about the LIVE and be entertaining. You can put some hashtag (#) related to that.

Step-4: Hit the GO LIVE button

If you give the title of your Live Stream, then tap GO LIVE. Then finally, you will enter Live.

Step-5: End the LIVE Stream

To end the Live Stream, there has a × icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can easily find that. Tap the ×, a warning tab will appear to confirm. Then click CONFIRM to end your “LIVE” on TikTok.

I hope, the article is helpful for you. If you feel any problem or if you have any idea, please share it with us. Just write a comment. 😊

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