There are a few who don’t like to play games. People used to play different kinds of games. There are different types of games available in the App Store. There are many of us who don’t want to play games on their phones. They want to play games on the big screen. So today I’m writing about How to play iOS games and use any iOS apps on PC.

Many famous games are currently available on Android, iPhone, or iPod. They don’t all have pc versions. So, despite the reluctance, many game lovers cannot use computers or PCs to play those games. Although some developers have created PC versions of popular games they have created, most are not.

How to Play iOS Games On PC

There are both mobile versions and PC versions of free and group collisions. There are some popular games that are mainly made for mobile but later made for PCs.
There are also many games that are mainly made for PC users but later made for Android and iOS users.
Good news for those of us who want to know if iOS Games can be played on PCs. Yes, iPhone or iPod games are possible to play on PCs. And I know it has three methods. I won’t say the three methods today. I will discuss a simple way.
So that you can easily use the trick to play any iOS games on your computer’s big screen.

We will use iOS Emulator to playing games on pc.

iOS emulator is an app that will show the screen of the iPhone on your computer. Basically, it will show the big-screen view. You can see anything on the PC screen from your iPhone by using the emulating app. Games, apps, or anything else.

It’s sure that with the big view you’ll be able to enjoy more than playing on your small screen’s iPhone. Games are for fun. In fact, you can play iOS games on PC using the iOS emulator.

There are many iOS emulators for Pc. Some of these are premium and others are free. Many developers using ios emulator on PC to debug and test applications. Mainly the iOS emulator using for this work. But we don’t need to debug or test any apps. We need to know about the best iOS emulator for playing iOS games on PC.

Which are the best free iOS game emulator?

There is another question. Which OS you use? Mac or Windows OS? iOS simulators have different platforms. Some emulator software works better on Windows operating system and some on Mac operating system. Some emulators work based on the browser.

iOS Emulator to playing games on pc

1. iPadian: Best iOS Emulator

iPadian is a popular iOS simulator. It works both MAC and Windows platforms. It’s very easy to use. This app doesn’t allow you to access the apps store and it doesn’t make an iOS local version on your laptop or computer.iPadian can run any iOS apps from Apple devices which are already downloaded and installed. Because iPadian doesn’t allow us to use the Apple app store. It provides amazing processing speed and compatibility. These are the main things which we want. Another thing is the display quality. Yes, the iPadian also provides the best display quality.

It has both a free and premium version. For the all magnificent features, you need to buy the premium version. But I think a free iPadian would be enough for you.
Download IPadian Latest Version

2. iPhone Simulator: Best iOS Emulator

iPhone simulator is an awesome simulation app that is specially made for gaming on PC. It is the power application for gaming. I make it the second-best iOS emulator in this article. Because it provides high graphics quality, isn’t it dazzling?Big screen with the perfect display quality. And it has the UI(User Interface) the same as iPhone. Though it has some lack of features, it is a wonderful simulator for PC. It is a completely free desktop simulator software. Especially for windows operating system. But this app is a problem. Suddenly it disables some applications from the Apple device interface.

However, everything has both pros and cons. You should try to use this familiar app.
Download iPhone Simulator

3. Electric Mobile Studio: Best iOS Emulator

Electric Mobile Studio is another excellent ios emulator. This software is the best debugging tool for iPod and iPhone applications. But it’s definitely a rich app to run ios games on the computer. This studio can give you every amazing feature.Electric Mobile Studio has also a premium version. To unlock all the features, you need to buy the pro pack. The cost is 40$. Though the cost is pretty high, it will give you all the valuable features. And these are really awful.

This app will give you a free trial for 7 days. I hope you will enjoy it much, and 7 days is enough to justify this best software.
Download Electric Mobile Studio

4. MobiOne Studio: Best iOS Emulator

MobiOne Studio is one of the best iOS emulators for playing the games and use other applications. This app supports most of the ios games and apps and friendly with many windows versions. It’s not a free emulating app. Typically works on windows XP, windows 7 and windows 8. So we can understand that it is windows based tool to create cross-platform mobile apps for Apple devices and Android phones.Yes, it also works on android. The app is really awesome. Unfortunately, we need to cost 99$ for all the interesting features. For this huge cost, I won’t recommend you to use this app. But for the rich and interested people should try the software.
Download MobiOne Studio Free

5. Appetize: Best iOS Emulator

Appetize is a browser-based emulating tool. This software performs with both Android and Apple applications. And it works with javascript and HTML 5 (HTML- HyperText Markup Language). Appetize is widely using to test Android and iOS apps.

As a browser-based emulator, you can use this any windows version. But it is the best for MAC operating system. Debuggers use this emulator for its comfortable usage and its features.

It has a total of four pricing plans. They give 100 minutes for the free trial plan. The most valuable package costs 2000$ per month and it will give you unlimited usage. If you want you can use this browser-based outstanding emulator. But this is not perfect for gaming. Because it would be very costly if you use this to play games.
Check Appetize Latest Version

6. iMame: Best iOS Emulator

iMame is another interesting emulator to play any ios games and run any apps, first released in 2011. This application performs in any device without any issues. It doesn’t need any clutter. iMame uses low resources to run apps on the computer. Though it works good on all devices, Windows is the best platform for iMame.

Some people face a problem by using this software on iPhone 10+ mobile. But if you use this on lower then iPhone 10 mobiles, it doesn’t affect anymore. And you don’t need to think about any problem. Really,iMame is simple to use. The software is a completely free tool. iMame is ordinarily made for playing ios games on computer devices. So I think you should try this one. The features of iMame would be amazing to you.

7. Smartface: Best iOS Emulator

Smartface is the next software in my best ios emulator list. It is user-friendly. This software enables cross-platform mobile application development. As like other emulators, this is also used for apps debugging.

It has most of the powerful features to debug and test Android and iOS applications. Basically, you can run any apps and games from the iPhone or iPod on your computer. We need only run the gaming apps, haha.

So we can also use this software. Fortunately, it is freeware. You don’t need to spend any money to use this super software. And this performs with windows, Mac, and Linux OS. So don’t let to install.
Download SmartFace

8. AIR iPhone: Best iOS Emulator

AIR iPhone has all the basic features to feel the ios interface. If you are familiar with Adobe Air Framework, then Air iPhone is the best emulator for you. Because Air iPhone works after installing Adobe Air Framework.

To use the emulator, at first install Adobe Air Framework. You can install any iOS application on your PC by using Air iPhone. The installation system is very easy in this software.
It has a user-friendly interface and it creates a virtual screen that looks really great. This emulator is also suitable for developers. But the emulator gives us to run any apps and games. So we can use this without any problem. But some people face a problem. Sometimes this emulator stopped working and shuts down the running apps. Then you need to restart the emulator and other apps. This is a dangerous side of this software.
Download Air iPhone

9. Nintendo 3DS Emulator: Best iOS Emulator

If you want to run the cool games smoothly, then the Nintendo 3DS emulator will help you too much. This software is special for 3D games, released first in 2011. It works both iPhone and Android phones. Yes, it is also the best Android emulator. Exactly, it works with windows and mac os. Again it is also one of the best Android emulators.

If you fail to run the heavy and large game on your laptop, then yous Nintendo 3DS emulator. Because this software is expert to run any kind of applications, large or small. Luckily it is also free emulating software. So you should also try this one.
Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator

10. Best iOS Emulator is another software that is a free and powerful emulator. This is very easy to use, very simple.

One of the main causes of this popularity is its simplicity. Like other emulating software, it is also used for testing the ios apps. is completely free. All service of this software is free.

You can easily use this to play any games or running any apps on your desktop computer. To use this emulator, sync your App bundle with It’s enough. You can test this emulator because you don’t need to pay any money to use this software.

11. Xamarin: Best iOS Emulator

Xamarin is an emulator and visual studio which is owned by Microsoft. Specially performs on the Windows platform.

It basically uses for creating, debugging Android, and Apple devices apps. Exactly, you can build a cross-platform user interface with Xamarin. This software will give you native performance with a native interface. Xamarin is part of the open-source project. Because of its best performance, this is one of the best choices for developers.

How to run an iOS emulator on PC?

Running an iOS emulator is not so hard thing. Just download an iOS emulator from the given list that you want to use. Then simply install that emulator on your PC. After installing the software, you will see the iPhone or iPad interface on your computer screen.Then install any ios apps or games as you wish. If you feel bored to play with one disgusting emulator, then use another emulating software.

For your advantages, I have given the top 11 best ios emulators list. So you should try one after another software. At first, you can try all free emulators. This will be perfect.

And secondly, you can avoid the browser-based emulator. At first use the free and Operating System based emulators.
Playing games on the computer is simple. But when you play the iOS games on your PC, this gives extra good feedings. Because you get a big screen in your PC which is looks like the iPhone interface. I hope you will enjoy the trick about how to run and play iOS(Apple devices) games on PC.

I hope you get enough information about emulators. But if you have more questions, then drop a comment.

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