How to Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on Iphone

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If someone has blocked you on iPhone, you cannot text them. Consider alternative communication methods.

When encountering a block on iPhone, explore alternative messaging apps for communication with the person who has blocked you. Using platforms like WhatsApp can help bypass iPhone blocks and allow you to reach out to the individual who has blocked you for necessary communication.

By leveraging alternative apps, you can find ways to connect despite the block on iPhone text messaging.

How to Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on Iphone


Methods To Text Someone Who Has Blocked You On Iphone

When you encounter being blocked on iPhone, there are a few methods to still send a text. By using caller ID blocking, you can ensure your calls remain anonymous. Alternatively, you can resort to utilizing alternative messaging apps or third-party texting services, allowing you to bypass the block. Although being blocked on iMessage prevents them from seeing or receiving your messages, you can still send them texts if they haven’t blocked you. It’s worth noting that while blocking someone prevents you from receiving their messages, it doesn’t affect texts you send to them.

How to Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on Iphone


How to Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on Iphone


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Text Someone Who Has Blocked You On Iphone

How Do You Contact Someone Who’s Blocked You?

To contact someone who’s blocked you on Android, go to Settings > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID. Select Hide Number to bypass the block and remain anonymous.

Can You Text Using 67?

No, *67 does not work for texting. It only hides your number for calls.

Can I Send An Imessage To Someone I Blocked?

Once you block someone on iMessage, they won’t receive your messages.

Can I Send A Text To A Number I Blocked On My Iphone?

Yes, you can still send a text to a number you blocked on your iPhone. Blocking a number only prevents you from receiving messages from that number. However, if the person you blocked hasn’t blocked you, they will still be able to receive your messages.


Texting someone who has blocked you on iPhone can be a complex situation. By following the methods and alternatives discussed in this blog post, you can attempt to reach out to the person who has blocked you. However, it is important to respect their decision and give them space if they do not respond.

Utilize the tips provided and consider alternative messaging apps for effective communication.

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