How to Turn On Ghost Mode on Life360 without Anyone Knowing

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What’s Up? You may want to know about the way of making the fake location or ghost mode in the life360 app to make someone fool.
Do you want to know that how to use fake GPS location and temporary turn off life360 tracker app without anyone knowing or noticing? I’m writing about “how to turn on ghost mode on life360 without anyone knowing” with 9 steps. Just read this carefully.
We are in the technological world, love to use technology. GPS system is one of the best inventory of the technological world. We use GPS to find ourselves on the earth map.
Sometimes this helpful GPS system can be our problem.
Suppose, you are using life360 or family360 or any other location-sharing apps. So that your office boss or your parents can get your real-time location.

Turn On ghost mode on Life360

What is life360 App?

life360 is one of the best location-sharing apps at present. In this app, you can make members group (circle). every group member can show each other real-time location with the apps (life360, family360, etc).
There are many ways to turn off Life360 without anyone knowing. But I’m sharing the most workable and easiest method to fake the location. I’m giving this trick for android and iphone users.

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How to Turn On Ghost Mode on life360

There are several ways to turn off real-time updates of your location on the life360 app. I am describing here the three methods that are most discussed and simple. But the first method I recommend you the most.
Because with this you can show yourself in the location of your choice in life360 app or all other apps! And no one will understand your cunning.

Set Up Fake Location with Spoofing

  • #Step 1: Go to “Phone Settings”.
  • #Step 2: Find the “Developers Options”.
    – If you don’t find it. Then you need to enable the “Developers options”.

    Turn Off Life360 GPS Tracker

    – To enable the option, go to the “phone about” option from the Settings menu.
    – then find the option “software version” and click on it rapidly 7-9 times.

    Life360 Without Parents Knowing

    – you will get the “developers option“.

  • #Step 3: Come back on the “settings” menu, you will see the “developers options” below. Click on that to open the options.
  • #Step 4: Find the option “Mock Location”. Simply, turn it on and close the ” developers options” tab.
    Turn Off Life360 Tracking
  • #Step 5: Download and install this app – Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free.
  • #Step 6: Find the “Location” option and turn on your location. Then change the location mode “high accuracy” to “device only“.
    Turn Off Life360 without Anyone Noticing
    Disable Life360 Temporarily in 2020
  • #Step 7: Open the app “Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free” and select any location as your wish. Then tap on the play icon.
  • #Step 8: Open your location sharing app. It may life360, family360, Facebook messenger app, etc.
  • #Step 9: Let’s enjoy the ghost mode with your smiley face and write a comment about the trick.
Feeling bored to read?

Two More Ways to Turn Off Life360

Hide Location with Burner Phone

Burner phone means cheap phone that you can use as your second phone. However, with the Burner phone, you can show the wrong location on the life360 ​​app without much skill. How to do it? The answer is very simple!
First you buy a cheap mobile.
Then login with it in your life360 ​​app.
Now go to the location you want to show in the app, leave the burner phone.
How to keep it depends on your intelligence. Suppose you want to keep the phone at school. Then you can put the sunshade on the school’s window. It should be kept in such a way that no one can understand. You can also take the help of a friend in this work.
You can keep your burner phone in a specific place for a certain period of time through a friend. Simple intelligence, easy solution! But this way you have to spend money to buy a burner phone. I can suggest you the cheapest phone.

Turning off Data or WiFi

It’s the easiest way. However, if you turn off data or WiFi, your monitor will easily understand that you are cheating him. That’s why I don’t want to recommend this method.
In this case you can tell a lie to him. You might say that your phone has run out of charge. That’s why the life360 ​​app has also been shut down. This work can be done in a day or two. But if you do more than that, he will surely understand that you are lying to him and cheating him.
If you want to cheat once or twice, you can apply this method by understanding the opportunity. However, it was advised not to use.

Why do people want to turn off Life360?

Everyone wants to maintain their own freedom. He would never want anyone to keep an eye on him. Everyone has a life to say the least. Everyone wants to live his life as he pleases.
Sometimes there are some very secret events in private life. Secretly hanging out with a loved one, partying with friends, or attending someone’s party or concert. Again many times people prefer to be alone.
She wants to spend some time alone in a place of her choice. He would never want anyone else to know his address through the app and move to the place of his choice. None of us want it.
Although the life360 ​​app is for our security, in some cases it is better for us to keep it off.

Possible risks of turning off location sharing

We were talking about shutting down the life360 ​​app for personal privacy. But there are some downsides to keeping this app off. Unfortunately, if you have an accident, your family will not know about it right away.
If the life360 ​​app is running, your family will know the location of your accident very easily. Moreover, if you are physically ill, then you should not stop life360. This can be scary for older or younger children. Older people often forget their home address.
This can cause many older people to become separated from their families. And children tend to lose more. So I hope you will be careful about closing or running the app. It was suggested not to close the app without special needs.

Alternative app of Life360

The life360 app may be one of your favorites. But what if for some reason you can’t install the app on your mobile or another member of your family?
In this case you have to find another app as an alternative to life360 app. To make your job easier, I am suggesting some alternative apps.
1. GeoZilla, 2. GeoLocator, 3. My Family Locator

FAQ of life360 App

1. Can I Use The Tricks as a Browser Location?

No, that’s not possible. All of the above methods are a way to change the location in the middle of the app. Browser location means you are referring to your internet location. You need to change the IP address to change the location of the Internet.
You can use VPN to do this. You can use free VPN for any work in general. However, if you want to get a very good VPN service, you have to use a premium VPN.

2. How Can I Stop Updating My Location?

It’s easy to turn off location updates directly from the life360 app. You can log out of the app. Or you can turn off the phone data. If you want to make it easier, you can just turn off the phone! However, if you turn off the phone, it may be a risk for you. Your enemies can take advantage of this opportunity!

3. What are the steps to Delete a Circle?

-Follow these steps.
Settings>Circle Switcher>Choose Circle>Circle Management>Delete Circle Members>Remove Everyone.

4. Can I Delete Location History?

– There is only one way to delete your location history. Deleting your Life360 account is only one solution.

5. Can I Delete Life360 Account?

Of course! You can delete your life360 app. To do this, you must first go to the settings of the app. Then go to account option. There you will see the option to delete the account. Delete the account through the option.
– Settings >  Account > Delete Account

6. What to do if you find out your child have turned off location?

You need to understand why your child is shutting down the life360 ​​app. You need to understand his problem. Then you have to use your intellect to solve that problem. The child needs to understand the benefits of running the life360 ​​app.
We need to maintain a friendly relationship with him. This will make him not think of you as his enemy. No matter how much you explain to him, nothing will work if he thinks you are the enemy. The child must understand, must understand, must be his friend.


We have discussed in detail how to turn off the life360 app or spoof the location without anyone/parents knowing. I have tried to tell you its advantages and disadvantages. Hope you enjoyed the blog enough. I request you to leave your important feedback in the comment box.

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