How to Turn Off Life360 without Parents Knowing in 2021

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What’s Up? You may want to know about the way of making the fake location or ghost mode in the life360 app to make someone fool.

Do you want to know that how to use fake GPS location and temporary turn off life360 tracker app without anyone/parents knowing or noticing? I’m writing about “how to turn off life360 without parents knowing” with 9 steps. Just read this carefully.

We are in the technological world, love to use technology. GPS system is one of the best inventory of the technological world. We use GPS to find ourselves on the earth map.

Sometimes this helpful GPS system can be our problem.
Suppose, you are using life360 or family360 or any other location-sharing apps. So that your office boss or your parents can get your real-time location.

What is Life360 App?

life360 is one of the best location-sharing apps at present. In this app, you can make members group (circle). every group member can show each other real-time location with the apps (life360, family360, etc).
There are many ways to turn off Life360 without anyone knowing. But I’m sharing the most workable and easiest method to fake the location. I’m giving this trick for android users.

How to Turn Off Life360 Tracker without Parents Knowing on Android (Ghost Mode):

  • #Step 1: Go to “Phone Settings”.
  • #Step 2: Find the “Developers Options”.
    – If you don’t find it. Then you need to enable the “Developers options”.

    Turn Off Life360 GPS Tracker

    – To enable the option, go to the “phone about” option from the Settings menu.
    – then find the option “software version” and click on it rapidly 7-9 times.

    Life360 Without Parents Knowing

    – you will get the “developers option“.

  • #Step 3: Come back on the “settings” menu, you will see the “developers options” below. Click on that to open the options.
  • #Step 4: Find the option “Mock Location”. Simply, turn it on and close the ” developers options” tab.
    Turn Off Life360 Tracking
  • #Step 5: Download and install this app – Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free.
  • #Step 6: Find the “Location” option and turn on your location. Then change the location mode “high accuracy” to “device only“.
    Turn Off Life360 without Anyone Noticing
    Disable Life360 Temporarily in 2020
  • #Step 7: Open the app “Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free” and select any location as your wish. Then tap on the play icon.
  • #Step 8: Open your location sharing app. It may life360, family360, Facebook messenger app, etc.
  • #Step 9: Let’s enjoy the ghost mode with your smiley face and write a comment about the trick.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
1. Can I Use This Trick as a Browser Location?
– To change the browser location, you should use a VPN.

2. How Can I Stop Updating My Location?
– Simply turn off your WiFi connection, cellular data, and any kind of internet connection. Turn off the location option and GPS system. That’s it.

3. Whar are the steps to Delete a Circle?
-Follow these steps. 
Settings>Circle Switcher>Choose Circle>Circle Management>Delete Circle Members>Remove Everyone. 

4. Can I Delete Location History?
– There is only one way to delete your location history. Deleting your Life360 account is only one solution.

5. Can I Delete Life360 Account?
– Settings >  Account > Delete Account

Don’t use the trick in illegal ways.

If you have any problem/question or if you want to suggest anything about “how to turn off location on Life360 without knowing parents or anyone“, then write a comment.

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