Some people use online fake ID card generator, fake Facebook ID generator, and fake card templates. But believe me, these are not workable. I am writing about it. Then you can learn to make any kind of ID card including NID, Business ID, School ID, Make fake ID card, etc.

Facebook ID Verification Tricks

All of us want to know about the ID verification trick of Facebook. We need an identification card for account verification. Especially, we want to know how to make a fake id card to recover Facebook accounts using an android phone.

There are many causes of disabling FB account. *Maybe you used a fake name or stylish name. Maybe you used an auto bot liker/reactor/comment site.

Otherwise, you have been reported by anyone (your enemy).

There are many spammers, they use many ways to disable an account. Facebook improving their security day by day. So that users cannot use fake accounts.

Fake accounts are harmful to FB authority. They don’t want fake IDs. For that sometimes they lock our ID and want our face picture or want a number for verification. It’s simple if they want to number and pictures. But if your ID disables, then you need to know the Facebook identity verification bypass trick.

Most of the time, we feel nervous to upload it. Sometimes we don’t understand what we should do. So how to solve it?

Facebook ID Card Verification Trick – Recovery Links

1. Simply log in to your account. Then probably you can see “Let Us Know”.

Tap on this option. Then fill-up the form and upload your ID which you made. And tap on “Submit”. Wait for one or two days. You should use an email address on your account.

In that email, the Facebook team will be sent you an email about your recovery.

2. In another way, you can go to this link. Then type your username or email address on the search box and search your account. Then they probably sent you a confirmation code on your email or number which you provide.

If you feel a problem accessing, use this option “no longer have access to these”.

3. If your account has been hacked, and hacker changer your number and email, then what you will do?

Contact information is very important to recovery or verify. Now go to this link. Then click on the option “I can’t access my email account”. At that time, the Facebook authority will give you an opportunity to add a new email.

In this way, you can verify your Facebook account and get back your hacked account.

4. If your account hacked and hacker posting spam, then go to here ( In this way, you can set up a new password and recover your hacked account easily.

5. If every method is failed. Then email to FB directly. You can try emailing to describe your situation with Facebook team. After emailing them, they take a few weeks to review it.

In this case, you need to attach a passport or any vailed government ID card with your email.

If your account disabled by a “pretending report”, then you cannot create an FB account on your phone. It (new ID) will be disabled again. It happens when someone makes a clone account of your account.

And if the clone ID is older than your ID, then FB thinks that your ID is fake and the clone ID is real. But honestly, you have the real ID.

In this case, I am giving a 100% working Facebook id verification trick.

Whenever you create a new account, upload your face pictures as much as possible in “Only Me” privacy. So that only you can see these pictures. Upload recently captured face pictures.

These pictures should be captured with different angels and sides

It is my own technique. I hope it will be also helpful for you.

Suppose, you are not an adult. And you have not any kind of ID card to verify the Facebook account. You used your fake name on your profile name. We know that Facebook supports many kinds of ID. But sometimes we need NID (National Identity Card) or Driving license for the best verifying work.

FB has been developing its system day by day. So it is very hard to confirm identity with Facebook by a fake ID card. But now I am writing about how to create the fake ID’s for Facebook account verification, how to bypass Facebook id verification with this fake card.

Yes, Fake ID Card!! In this way, we can bypass Facebook government ID verification.

How to Create a Fake ID Card Online?
– Interested?

No, I don’t learn you how to create an ID card online.
Do you believe that Facebook teams are a fool? Not at all. Online ID card makers are totally a method of “Time Waste”.

Firstly, I didn’t know this. I just tried to verify one of my Facebook accounts.

But simply, it didn’t work.

So, I hope you never waste your time by using the “auto card generator”.

Create Your Own Fake ID Card – Facebook Confirm Identity Bypass

To make any fake ID cards, we need some special apps and some money. I suggest you three apps – Picsart, Phonto, and Touch Retouch.
Important is the Touch-retouch app. It is not a free app.

We will use Touch retouch to remove writings from the ID, Phonto is special to write with any font. It has a huge writing specialty.
To set up your picture on the ID; we will use Picsart. Everyone knows about it that how beautiful the app is!

Step-1. At first, we need to capture an ID card on our mobile phone. We need to take an ID from our parents or friends.

Step-2. Then we will capture a picture of the ID. Remember, we will edit this captured picture. So we need a fresh and clear captured picture.

Step-3. After capturing the photo, install and open the Touch Retouch App. Click on the album option and open that captured picture.

Step-4. Now select the left-bellow option. You need to try your best. You need patience for this work. Slowly remove each alphabet of name and birthday field from the card. You need to know about the fonts of your edited ID card.

Which fonts are used for this card?
Take the answer from google searching or your parents. Fonts are very important for this card. So you should write on the card with legal fonts.
Step-5. After choosing the fonts, now install these fonts with Phonto. Start writing your name, birthday. Compare your edited card with a real ID card. Remember that your writing should be the same size and the same color with a real ID card.

Step-6. Go to Picsart. Open your edited card. You need to add your professional looked face on the card.

Step-7. To remove the real person’s face from your card, select the “Beauty” option from bellow. And then click on blemish fix, turn its size bigger to remove that face. Slowly remove the face. You need to make your transparent face photo to add on your edited card.
After making the transparent picture, add this picture. You would control color, opacity, and size combination.

Step-8. After all, I think you create a fake ID card. But is it acceptable near Facebook? The answer should be “NO”!

See the last trick.
Now you need to go to a shop to print your edited ID card. It should be print in card size. After printing the card, is it looking real?
The answer is – “YES”.

Now capture this printed ID card and submit to your account to recover or verify. It will help you to recover your disabled account.

As a new Facebook user, you may fall on in this problem. But Facebook will absolutely give you this problem. Human habits are not so good. The peoples, especially the spammers like to create more and more fake Facebook accounts.

I know about a spammer who has 150+ Facebook account. He uses these accounts to do illegal works on Facebook. As a simple Facebook user, you may also want to create another account. But Facebook does not support it. They follow this “one man, one face and one account”!!
By the way, here is the Facebook photo verification bypass trick.

Facebook photo verification trick
Step-1. At first, choose a high-quality picture of the face. It may anyone’s face. Sometimes I take it from google!

Step-2. Then I edit the face. Change the eyes distance, face shape, etc. don’t use any effect. Try to keep the face clear, so that Facebook can detect your face with eyes, ears, nose, and etc.

Step-3. For the editing work, you can use any editing application. For the editing work, you can use any editing application.

But, I don’t give you the 100% possibilities of photo verification trick.

This verification trick depends on your own editing skills. You need to be tricky for any kind of success. It’s true that most of the people are lazy, I’m also. Ha-ha.
So I was using a website to make a cartoon face image. I tried many times, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it did not.

Some Common Question with Answer
1. How long time does it take to verify your identity?
It will take some minutes or some hours or some days to review the ID Card. Remember, Facebook will reply to you only for three times. So you should be careful. You should make a perfect ID Card.
2. What type of ID Card does Facebook accept?
Facebook accepts many kinds of ID cards, including NID, Birth Certificate, School ID Card, Library Card, etc. But Facebook gives a faster review of NID or voter ID Card, Driving license, and passport. For the other ID card, sometimes Facebook doesn’t give a positive reply.
3. Why they are asking me to upload a image of myself?
Facebook wants some users picture to identify the owner of the account. Facebook doesn’t supports if you/others use two or more accounts. They will remove the newest account if they can identify the old and main account of a person. They need to identify the main person to identify the main account.

If your account disables by pretending report, then upload your face picture with any Government ID Card. After submitting the ID Card, Facebook will review this.

I think you know it now that how to make a fake ID Card to recover Facebook accounts. And I hope my Facebook ID Card verification trick will be helpful to you.

Comment for any kind of problem.