Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook

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AppleCare+ covers water damage for MacBooks with a deductible. AppleCare+ covers repairs for liquid damage with a deductible.

If you are covered by AppleCare+, you can get assistance with water damage repair for your MacBook. It is essential to understand the terms and conditions of your AppleCare+ coverage to ensure you are eligible for water damage repair services.

Additionally, having AppleCare+ can provide peace of mind in case of unexpected accidents such as liquid spills. This coverage can save you money on repair costs and help protect your investment in your MacBook device. By opting for AppleCare+, you can have the necessary support and protection in case of water damage issues.

Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook


Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook

Understanding Applecare warranty coverage: Applecare only covers manufacturing defects and hardware failures.

Limits of Applecare warranty coverage: Applecare does not cover accidental damage, including water damage.

Applecare+ and water damage coverage: Applecare+ provides coverage for water damage, subject to a deductible.

Apple’s deductible for water damage repair: Applecare+ requires a deductible for water damage repair, which can be costly.

Alternatives to Applecare for water damage coverage: Third-party insurance or independent repair stores may provide better water damage coverage options.

Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook


Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook


Frequently Asked Questions On Does Applecare Cover Water Damage Macbook

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Water Damaged Macbook?

Repairing a water damaged MacBook costs depends on the extent of damage, with prices varying. Contact Apple Stores or independent repair shops for quotes.

Can A Macbook Recover From Water Damage?

Most water-damaged MacBooks can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Get quotes from Apple Stores and independent repair stores.

How Much Is Water Damage With Applecare?

AppleCare+ covers water damage with a deductible. The exact cost depends on the type of device.

Does An Apple Warranty Cover Water Damage?

No, an Apple warranty does not cover water damage.


In the event of water damage to your MacBook, AppleCare+ offers coverage for repairs, alleviating the financial burden. It’s crucial to act swiftly and contact Apple for assistance as soon as the damage occurs. By adhering to warranty terms, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your damaged MacBook.

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