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100% Working Trick to Use Mobile Internet on Airplane Mode in 2024

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It is fantastic to know the 100% working trick to use the internet in airplane mode in 2023. But how is it possible to do it on the phone? It is such an easy task.

Today I’m writing about it with seven steps and these necessary screenshots. Android phones have a lot of features, and they are useful to all. Because Android is an open-source project, users can modify it.

Here is the trick to accessing the internet in airplane mode. How do I use mobile internet in flight mode on Android? How do I access the internet in airplane mode on Samsung mobiles?

Today’s trick is not workable on all smartphones, including the Samsung phone. Carefully listen to my friend; this trick in today’s article is only for the Android operating system. Yes, this trick is only for Android users.

But why does the trick work only on Android phones? We may use Apple OS or Windows OS. But do you know that it is an open-source operating system? Apple and Windows are not open-source operating systems.

That means we can customize the Android OS as we wish. Most of the program is editable on this OS. For that, we can apply the trick only to the Android operating system.

Sometimes we need only an internet connection. Most of the time, we use the internet. We pass our time via the internet.

Then we don’t need to make the call. But we want to use only the data connection. At these moments, we can use the trick, and it will be helpful for us.

What is flight mode?

Airplane Mode, Flight Mode, and Aeroplane Mode are all the same. To enable this,

1. Open quick settings by swiping down with a finger. The different phones use different systems to open quick settings.

2. Then turn it on.

The most common phrase is airplane mode. It’s a feature or function of our Android mobile. It is used to cut off cellular networks on mobile devices.

After enabling it, our SIM connection will be gone. And you will not receive any calls or SMS from your SIM card.

Generally, at that time, we can’t enable “data.” So with open eyes, it is not possible to use the internet. At this time, our trick will show the magic.

On the airplane, you can’t use the internet by using cellular networks. So at that time, on the aircraft, your mobile will be disabled to receive any calls from the SIM number. But you can still use data by using WiFi.

Most of the airlines provide WiFi on their flights. So today’s trick will be a trick to make someone fool. Tell them that you are now on the airplane!! And going to meet with Mr. Joe Biden! Hahaha…Isn’t it funny? Now let’s see…

How can we use the internet through Airplane Mood (with screenshot)?

1. Firstly, turn on data.

airplane mode 1

For the first time, everything is simple on your mobile device. Now turn on the phone “Data.”

2. Secondly, enable airplane mode.

Now enable “Airplane mode” without turning off the phone’s “Data.” Don’t disable the phone data connection. Just turn on this.

3. Thirdly, dial the code.

airplane mood 2

Now go to ” Phone Dialer.” Use this code *#*#4636#*#* immediately. It will open a new page with four menus.

4. Fourthly, Tap Phone Information.

airplane mood 4

The new page has four menus – Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, and WiFi Information. It would help if you tapped on the first menu, “Phone Information.” These menus may be different in different android versions.

5. Fifthly, Turn On Radio.

airplane mode 5

After going “Phone Information” page, you can see many options. We do not need to touch these options. Go carefully and find the option “Turn On Radio.” We will use this for the data connection.

6. Sixthly, Almost Done.

airplane mood 6

It is almost done. It’s the primary function. Tap on ” Turn On Radio.” It will start the data connection on your phone. Be sure again that your phone is not connected to any network. After doing it, it’s time to test the internet connection if it works.

7. Seventy, Start Browsing.

airplane mode 7

It’s the time of your enjoyment and time for showing the magic. Go to any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser) and try to browse anything you wish. I hope it will work on your mobile phone. Do you see the magic? Can the trick make an internet connection?

Are you feeling bored to read? Watch the short video!! 😊

In the age of the internet, most people use Google to find something. We are all search many questions on google. Some common problems are below. I am trying to give the answers to the questions correctly.

Common Questions About Airplane Mode (FAQ) :

1. What is the benefit of airplane mode?

Every feature has benefits. Airplane mode cut off the cellular connection. So you can save yourself from the dangerous radiation of network signals. Again it helps to save battery life. And it’s helpful for those who want to stop all calls and SMS without turning off their phones. Developers add all features for our and phone’s benefits. We should use this feature properly.

2. Do you need to turn on flight mode?

I think it depends on your mind’s wishes. But it would be best if you used this correctly. Because it has some good benefits, see the help of this. And take the decision.

3. Will WiFi work on flight mode?

Yes. WiFi cut off cellular connection, not WiFi connection. I used WiFi many times after enabling it. So you can also do it. But some mobile does not allow it.

4. Does Airplane mode stop all radiation?

Not all, it helps much to reduce most of the radiation of cellular networks. But the mobile has a few radiations all the time. It is useful to minimize radiation.

5. How can I use WhatsApp in airplane mode?

You can use a mobile data connection by using this article trick. Just follow my article. Then you can use the internet, WhatsApp, Facebook, or anything you want to browse.

6. Can you text in airplane mode?

No, it disables the cellular network or SIM network from your mobile. So it’s not possible to text someone using the SIM card. But you can text someone by using Messenger or WhatsApp or others. Because of my written article and trick.

7. Can you use Bluetooth in airplane mode?

If your phone allows this, then it is possible. The answer is probably “YES.” You can use Bluetooth. Most of the mobile brand allows it.

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