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17 Best Zombie Games for PSP in 2024

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Zombie games have won the hearts of gamers for years, and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) offers a thrilling collection of undead-infested adventures.

In this article, we’ll explore the best 17 zombie games for PSP. Our selection is based on a combination of popularity, review acclaim, and gripping gameplay. We’ll also categorize these games into three distinct types, so you can choose the one that meets your zombie-slaying preferences.

Types of Zombie Games on PSP

Zombie Shooters

Zombie shooters place you in the heart of the action, with one mission: to kill the undead. Armed with a variety of weapons and set in various environments, these games ensure non-stop adrenaline-pumping fun.

Zombie Survival Games

Survival games on the PSP are all about beating the zombie end times. You must search for supplies, manage your resources, and make strategic decisions to stay alive in a world ruled by the undead.

Zombie Strategy Games

If you prefer a more complex approach to the zombie end times, strategy games let you defeat the zombies using smart tactics, towers, or traps.

Best Zombie Games for PSP

List of Best Zombie Games for PSP

1. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you’ll face off against powerful monsters, but don’t be surprised if the undead also decide to crash the party. The game offers a unique blend of action and RPG elements, making it a must-play for fans of both genres.

2. Dead to Rights: Reckoning

As Jack Slate, a crazy cop, you’ll navigate the dark and unsafe streets to solve a murderous conspiracy. The game’s combat system is severe, and it throws zombies into the mix, adding a supernatural twist to the dangerous detective story.

3. The 3rd Birthday

Aya Brea returns in this third-person shooter that challenges her against not only the Twisted but also the horrific creatures from the past—the parasites. The thrilling plot and gameplay make this an outstanding title.

4. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Another entry from the Monster Hunter series, this game offers an exciting experience with advanced weapons, terrifying enemies, and epic battles. The thrill of the hunt is undeniable.

5. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Set in World War II, this installment of Call of Duty includes a zombie mode that brings waves of undead soldiers upon you. It’s a challenging sequel to the series that requires both strategy and accuracy.

6. Undead Knights

Imagine being able to control the undead! Undead Knights makes it possible for you to apply the ability of vampire magic to take your revenge on a world that has harmed you. It’s a unique twist on the zombie genre.

7. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is a series known for its horror, and Resident Evil 2 is no exception. With a frightening environment and terrifying creatures, this classic is a must-play for survival horror enthusiasts.

8. Plants vs. Zombies

A satisfying twist on the zombie theme, Plants vs. Zombies challenges you against an army of the undead using a garden full of living plants. Strategy and humor abound in this satisfying title.

9. Dead Head Fred

In Dead Head Fred, you play Fred Neuman, a detective with an uncommon head-swapping ability. Solve puzzles and defeat zombies in this darkly enjoyable adventure.

10. Age of Zombies

Barry Steakfries is back to save the world from a zombie end times in this action-packed shooter. Travel through time and kill zombies in this simple and entertaining game.

11. Zombie Tycoon

Take on the role of a mad scientist and create an army of zombies to rule the world. This real-time strategy game features a unique twist on the zombie genre.

12. Infected

In Infected, a virus has turned people into horrifying mutants. As a member of the biohazard cleanup crew, your goal is to destroy the infected in this fast-paced shooter.

13. MediEvil Resurrection

MediEvil Resurrection resurrects the classic adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque. Fight your way through an undead crowd in a dark and humorous world.

14. Silent Hills: Origin

Silent Hills: Origin takes you to a horrible and strange world where you must face your deepest fears. 

15. Obscure: The Aftermath

Set in a high school where darkness hides unspeakable horrors, Obscure: The Aftermath is a survival horror game that delivers spine-tingling scares and puzzles.

16. Half-Minute Hero

Half-Minute Hero puts you in the shoes of a hero who must save the world in just 30 seconds. This unique take on the RPG genre is both challenging and hilarious.

17. Corpse Party

Corpse Party is a chilling adventure game where you explore a haunted school and attempt to escape the evil spirits that haunt it.

Tips for Playing Zombie Games on PSP

  1. Use headphones: The enjoyable soundtracks of these games can truly enhance the experience.
  2. Master your controls: Zombie games can be intense, so make sure you’re comfortable with the controls to stay alive.
  3. Manage your resources: In survival games, every bullet and first-aid kit is precious.
  4. Enjoy the stories: Many of these games have deep, engaging narratives. Participate in the world they create.


Out of all the incredible titles on this list, my personal favorite for PSP is Undead Knights. Its unique concept of controlling the undead for revenge is an exciting experience.

Now it’s your turn to pick your poison! Which of these zombie games for PSP would you recommend? Whether you prefer action-packed shooters, spine-tingling survival games, or cerebral strategy titles, the PSP has something for every zombie enthusiast.

Grab your portable console, prepare for the undead, and dive into the thrilling world of zombie gaming on PSP.

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