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13 Shooter Games with Controller Support for Android & iOS in 2024

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If you are looking for some iOS and Android shooter games with controller support, then this is the blog post for you. I will talk about 13 shooting and FPS games that have controller support and why they are great to play on Android, iPhone, and iPod devices.

If you have ever played a game with dual-stick controls on your PC or PS4, then you know how much more intuitive it is to use a controller rather than just touching the screen. Controller support is available for many of these shooters.

Sometimes it’s not there by default but can be enabled in settings, and sometimes it’s built into the game from the get-go! Check out some of these titles that will really test your skills as an FPS gamer.

Best iOS & Android Shooter Games with Controller Support

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a very well-known name in the gaming world. You may listen to the name at any time. It is a popular combat shooting game. You can play the game with your friends in online modes like Zombies and Blackout.

The game has many weapons, customizable characters, maps, and thrilling game stories. What do you think about its graphics quality? It has super-good graphics quality and realistic environments. You can play the game on any device.

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2. Soul Knight

Soul Knight is second on my list; it’s a retro-style game as well as action-adventure. I am going to summarize the story of this game. There are many queued rooms in the game.

You have to go through the rooms one by one, in each room there will be enemies waiting for you. In this way go to each room and destroy the enemy, the further you can go, the more your score and level will go up.

The content of the game is very simple but at the same time very exciting. However, the game allows you to play with a total of four people simultaneously. This game can be played on any platform, iPhone or Android, and controller support is definitely there.

3. Xenowerk

The Xenowerk game provides better graphics than the previous game but is still very similar. This game contains multiple room maps, one for every level. In the game, there are many zombie-like creatures that you have to fight.

You are given a target to kill, and you will achieve three stars if you reach it. You may compare your score or level against other players using the game’s leaderboard feature, which is fantastic.

However, any phone and any controller can be used to play the game. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this game.

4. Annelids Online

You will know about the annelid; it’s an animal that has no legs and is so small. The game developers created a game with these animals, and it is Annelids Online Battel.

In the game, these creatures live in underground burrows, where you play as an annelid, and your enemies are also annelids. Enemies will shoot or bomb you from all sides; you will fight them using your various weapons.

Reaching a certain target will win you a level. But the most important thing is that you can play the game via Bluetooth or online. In multiplayer mode, a maximum of six people can play simultaneously.

5. AirAttack 2

None of the games I talked about so far were Sky Path. But this game is aerial; you have to destroy enemy buildings and planes by flying in the sky.

The AirAttack 2 game is built with full 3D environment graphics, which will amaze you. Moreover, what can I say about the sound quality?

Absolutely amazing and unique sound that makes you feel like you are actually fighting in a plane, haha. You just focus on your gamepad to win the game, that’s all.

6. Dead trigger 2

The game that I will talk about now is basically about zombies and people. Dead Trigger 2: This game will have zombies that look like humans but look scary.

The game scene looks like a ruined city that has become uninhabitable due to zombies. Many people are stuck in different parts of the city.

Your task is to kill the zombies and save the captive people. Some such tasks will be given to you in each level, and if you complete them, you will win. You can customize the game to your liking—sound, graphics, controlling, everything.

7. Dead Effect 2

The foundation of the video game Dead Effect 2 is futuristic science, in which beings are created. Bad scientists construct a research center in space, after which they develop highly dangerous zombie-like monsters.

But one of them, a good scientist, creates some powerful superheroes who begin killing those horrible zombies. Essentially, this is how the game’s plot goes. The entire game is fantastic, with great plot, weapons, graphics, and features.

8. Unkilled

Unkilled is a first-person shooter game with a similar story to Dead Trigger. However, I feel this game is more polished in terms of graphics and sound.

New York City inspires the game’s setting and structure. So many zombies have attacked there, and you have to kill them besides rescuing people. With your gamepad in hand, you can play the game in online multiplayer mode against anyone worldwide.

9. Space Marshals 2

This Space Marshals 2 game is based on the pirates entering one of the giant spaceships in space. You have to find and kill the enemies silently; that’s the main story of this game.

The graphics and sounds in the game are almost similar to the Soul Knight game that is on our list, just not as high-quality.

Don’t lose interest in playing this game; after knowing this, you can play it on Gamepad, which will increase your excitement.

10. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

After the terrorists attack cyber security, the military rushes in to kill them, and that’s what you have to do in Modern Combat 5.

The game starts in Tokyo; you need to complete specific targets in each level by killing the terrorists. Every level has different maps, different goals, and progressive weapons. You will feel full excitement for the story and quality of the game.

11. Hot Guns

Hot Guns for Android phones is known as International Missions; you will not find any game called Hot Guns in the Play Store. Maybe the game has been updated and the name has also been changed.

However, it is a retro-style game that supports Bluetooth controllers. You just run and shoot the enemies; the enemies will also run and shoot or drop bombs on you from the helicopter. You have to fight with them and reach your endpoint, thus finishing each level.

12. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is an action game that is made up of many island maps and high-quality graphics. At the beginning of the game, you will be dropped from a plane to an island, and then you will land on the ground with a parachute.

From then on, your main battle begins. Everything an action game should have, this game has it all: three moods and controller support. You can start playing just by holding the gamepad and selecting any mood. Squad mode lets you play in groups with your friends, which is really exciting.

13. N.O.V.A. Legacy

The game N.O.V.A. Legacy is based on a spacecraft, aliens, and humans. Aliens tried to control human spacecraft and destroy them. But human general Kal takes action against aliens, which is the main plot of this game.

Aliens have very upgraded weapons; they use drones and plasma guns as well. You need to destroy them with your intelligence and upgraded weapons.

However, you can play this game online or offline, and it supports 4×4 multiplayer. So start playing now with your game controller.


These are just a few of the great shooting games for iOS and Android that support controllers. If you are interested, we suggest you look over our list and play any or all of these great games for yourself.

We truly hope that you enjoy these games as much as we did while playing. What game will you start using your new controller for first? Please share your favorite game with us in the comments section below.

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