13 Shooter Games with Controller Support for Android & iOS in 2021

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If you are looking for some iOS and android shooter games with controller support, then this is the blog post for you. I will talk about 13 shooting and FPS games that have controller support and why they are great to play on Android, iPhone and iPod devices. If you have ever played a game with dual-stick controls on your PC or PS4, then you know how much more intuitive it is to use a controller rather than just touching the screen. Controller support is available for many of these shooters. Sometimes it’s not there by default but can be enabled in settings, and sometimes it’s built into the game from the get-go! Check out some of these titles that will really test your skills as an FPS gamer.

Best iOS & Android Shooter Games with Controller Support

1. Call of Duty

The game is about shooting people. It’s like a war but in the form of a video game. You can play as either soldiers or terrorist and that changes your objective. The goal for the soldiers is to survive and to kill as many terrorists as possible while protecting civilians, while the terrorist will try to detonate bombs at various locations and kill as many soldiers as possible. You can customize your character, buy new weapons, and play with friends online.

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2. Soul Knight

Soul Knight is an android and iOS game that has taken the world by storm. This game has a very easy to understand interface and would be perfect for anyone who needs something simple to play on their mobile device. You are given the choice of three different characters, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each character can also use one of five different type of weapons, which again have their pros and cons.

3. Xenowerk

Xenowerk is a first-person shooter game that has been created to give people the experience of being in control of an iOS MFI or android controller. It has been designed to be challenging and fun for players who love FPS and shooting games. The graphics and animations are realistic, making it easy for gamers to feel like they’re really immersed in the action as they take on hordes of enemies with nothing but their gun skills.

4. Annelids Online

Annelids Online is a game that is made up of fast-paced, fun, and challenging gameplay for people who enjoy mobile shooters. You can play as one of four different classes with their own weapons, skills, and gadgets; the Marine, the Scientist/Engineer, the Medic or the Engineer. In Annelids Online there are no health packs but instead medics will heal you.

5. AirAttack 2

AirAttack 2 is an intense shoot-em-up game with a top down perspective. The objective of the game is to destroy all enemies in order to complete the level. Your weapon has unlimited ammo but you are limited by your fuel and must refuel at checkpoints throughout levels for more play time. Enemies will come from every direction so be prepared! This game is great for those who enjoy classic arcade games or need practice with their hand eye coordination skills.

6. Dead trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a FPS game that offers you the chance to play as one of four different characters. You can choose from a sniper, heavy machine gunner, shotgunner or an assassin and the more points you earn by killing zombies and completing missions, the stronger your character becomes. There are also plenty of weapons to choose from such as pistols, assault rifles and laser guns so there’s something for everyone! With over 100 levels available in this open world zombie shooter game it will take some time before you’ve seen everything!

7. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a third person shooter from the team who brought you Dead Effect. The sequel to this zombie themed survival horror game has been released on android for free. It features classic elements of games like Resident Evil, but with more shooting and less puzzles. There are plenty of weapons to choose from as well as a variety of enemies, so gamers will stay busy trying out different strategies until they perfect their favorite one.

8. Unkilled

The game is about guns, shooting and killing zombies. It has a lot of customization options. There are many different weapons so you could find one that suits your preferred style. You can also change the controls to your liking, which I found very helpful as I am not used to shooters on mobile devices. The graphics are good but it might be too dark if you’re playing outside in the sunshine because there isn’t any brightness option for outdoor play.

9. Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is an action game where you shoot your way through the galaxy. Play as one of three different law enforcement officers and stop a dangerous criminal organization from destroying all life in the universe. You can play single player or multiplayer with up to four people so grab some friends for this space adventure! The game has a retro look and feel to it, but still manages to include the latest features. This includes controller support for android and iOS devices as well as fps and shooting mechanics.

10. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a game that supports android controller. It has great graphics with easy controls that are accessible to everyone. It’s easy to pick up but hard to master. The multiplayer is great because you can shoot anyone at any time with the best weapons in the world. You have tons of options when it comes to customizing your character too so that they are just as unique as you are. There are so many features on this app that will keep you playing for hours on end without ever getting bored!

11. Hot Guns

The game Hot Guns is a shooter that you can play with controller on your android or iPhone. The game is set in the future and there are many different weapons to choose from. You can also play with up to four people on one computer, which sounds like loads of fun! In this game, you get to shoot at the zombies and other enemies with different guns. The graphics are so realistic and I love all the sounds when I shoot a gun or grenade. It’s so much fun being able to customize your character.

12. Rules of Survival

The game is a battle royale style shooter where you are dropped with up to 100 other players on an island. You must search for weapons, armor, and vehicles while fighting others in order to be the last person standing. It’s one of the most played games in this genre, with over 10 million active players per day. The player controls an avatar with the left thumb stick and shoots enemies with the right thumb stick.

13. Meltdown

The Meltdown game is an shooting game that supports controller. This basically means you have a joystick and buttons on your phone or tablet for controlling the character, as opposed to just using taps. The goal is to shoot down the invading robots before they get too close. You have 3 lives, and if you hit one of them then it’s game over! Survival Mode is similar to campaign mode but instead of going after bosses, the goal here is staying alive for as long as possible against endless hordes of zombies!


These are just a few of the many incredible iOS and android shooting games that support controllers. If you’re an avid gamer, we recommend checking out this list and trying some or all of these great titles for yourself! We hope you enjoy playing as much as we did testing them out. So which of these games will you start playing with your new controller? Comment below and let us know what game has caught your eye.

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