Download APCamera for Windows PC & Know Its Alternative App

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APCamera is actually an Android and iOS app. With this app, you can turn your mobile into a security camera. In this blog, I am writing about how to use and download APCamera for Windows PC. You can use APCamera in all versions of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc).

What is a P2P IP camera?

The full form of P2P is Peer to Peer. And this is a network-building method. The IP cameras that use this network technology are called P2P IP cameras.

APCamera Features

I gave a little idea about the features of APCamera a while ago. This app customized for P2P IP cameras. This allows the app to use advanced network transmission methods. This allows you to make high-quality video monitors and video calls with APCamera. Basically, the app has become interesting because of its video monitoring feature. With APCamera you can monitor your child at home.

apcamera for windows

How to Use and Download APCamera for PC?

APCamera is a free Android app. You can also install and use it on your PC if you want. If you want to make video calls with APCamera, use it just like any other video calling app. And if with APCamera you want to do monitoring work like CC camera, you can convert to CC camera by installing APCamera app on your old and unnecessary PC or mobile. The next steps to install are easy. I hope you understand them yourself.

How to Install Android Apps on PC?

Whether it is Android app or iOS app, you can easily use it on your PC through one method. You can install the Android app on the PC by using the emulator software on the PC. I wrote about some of the best emulator software for Android app to use on Windows PC. You can read it if you want. This way you can easily use the APCamera app on your Windows PC. NoxPlayer and Bluestack emulators are popular among the people. But I suggest Bluestack Emulator for this.

How to Install APCamera on Windows PC Using NoxPlayer?

To use NoxPlayer on a Windows PC, you must first go to BigNox. You need to download the NoxPlayer software from the website. After downloading, install it like other software. At the end of the installation, you need to create a NoxPlayer account. You will then need to install APCamera from PlayStote after completing the required settings.

How to Install APCamera on Windows PC Using Bluestacks?

To use Bluestack Emulator on your Windows PC, you must first go to Bluestacks. You need to download the Bluestack Emulator from the website. After downloading, install it like other software. At the end of the installation, you may need to create a Bluestack Emulator account. You will then need to install APCamera from PlayStore after completing the required settings.

APCamera Summary

The APCamera app is primarily used for monitoring. APCamera’s rating in the Playstore ranges from 2 to 3. There are a number of reasons behind the rating downgrade, which can be understood by looking at the app’s review in the Playstore. You can install the app yourself. This is a free app.

Why You May Need the Alternative App?

Usually people are experiencing some problems with APCamera app. So I think you can feel the need for an alternative app from APCamera. If you are having problems using APCamera on your mobile or Windows PC, you will need another similar app. For you, I have found the best security app that supports Android Operating System.

Best Alternative: Alfred Home Security Camera

I think “Alfred Home Security Camera” is one of the best security camera in 2021. Because the reviews are good enough. And I’ve tried it myself. I like it. Since the app is free, you can also install and verify the app.

Alfred Home Security Camera Summary

The app’s playstore rating is very good to be another app. The rating of this app is 4.7. And more than 10 million people have installed. Although the app is free, some features are premium. The app can talk like a video call in addition to a security camera. It has the feature of siren to play at dangerous times. Moreover, there is also a premium feature for face recognition.

How to Install Alfred Security Camera on Your PC?

You can go to PlayStore to install it on your Android. You can also use it on your iOS device. The above method is sufficient for use on PC. This means that you can use this app on your PC using the emulator. There are online emulator software for Windows or Mac, any operating system. If necessary, search on Google.


This blog is basically about APCamera. In this blog I wrote about how you can install and use APCamera app on your Windows PC. I have tried to describe everything in detail. Also, I wrote about APCamera’s alternative app. Hope I was able to help you. You are always invited to comment.

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