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11 Football Games with Controller Support for Android & iOS

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Mobile football gaming sees unprecedented maturity with console-rivaling simulations and explosively fun arcade games. Yet touch controls limit the experience.

Game-changing controller support on remarkable games promises to satisfy from passing purists to skill showboaters through enhanced precision and immersion.

Mobile Soccer Games with Controller Support

This guide uncovers the greatest android or iOS football games with controller support where your smartphone stadium awaits thanks to eerily lifelike graphics and deeply tactical gameplay that transports you straight to the pitch you adore!

List of Football Games with Controller Support for Android & iOS Mobile

1. eFootball™ 2024

With unparalleled realism in graphics, commentary, and player control, eFootball 2024 is the premier mobile football experience, emulating console and PC offerings.

The game introduces revamped visuals as Konami leverages Unreal Engine 4 to achieve television-quality presentation on smartphones.

Refined gameplay emphasizes methodical build-up through midfield passing, while innovations like ‘Sharp Kicks’ provide satisfying shooting and more accuracy with gamepads.

2. Dream League Soccer

A leading mobile football franchise, Dream League Soccer 2023 delivers polished arcade-style gameplay packed with updates.

Players can feel the action through improved controller support with contextual controls that map dribbling, shooting, passing, and skills to buttons intelligently.

The career mode sees significant upgrades as well, with team building spanning transfers, training players, and stadium expansion while leveraging enhanced graphics and animations.

3. Total Football – Soccer Game

For a purer, stripped-down soccer experience on mobile, Top Football fits the bill through intuitive controls and fluid gameplay.

Responsive virtual joysticks and buttons enable precise dribbling, defense, crosses, and shots. Modes like penalties recreate nerve-wracking shootouts across one-off games or tournaments. Top Football’s refinement over the years makes it a go-to for quick pick-up matches with gamepads.

4. Football League 2024

While more arcade-oriented than hardcore simulations, Football League 2024 delivers fun, dynamic football gaming using controllers on Android and iOS.

Beyond exhibitions, career mode sees you recruit talent and manage your squad while competing in domestic and continental tournaments.

Assisted controls interpret complex actions like no-look passes, powerful long shots, and showboating tricks with simple button presses to execute satisfying goals.

5. Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Capturing soccer glory, one pixelated match at a time—that’s the nostalgic premise behind Pixel Cup Soccer. The retro graphics and chiptune soundtrack recapture the magic of classic footy games.

Developer Batovi Games enhances the formula with wireless controller compatibility through Bluetooth on mobile. Precision passes, well-angled finess shots, and perfectly-timed slides feel sublime with physical inputs. The local multiplayer also shines for couch competition between friends.

6. Stickman Soccer 2016

Stickman-style characters and physics-defying gameplay make Stickman Soccer 2016 an over-the-top football game packed with plenty of arcade thrills.

Customizable teams and players with unlockable power-ups like fiery shots or boosted speed deliver soccer excitement, well-suited to external gamepads.

The control scheme thoughtfully maps actions to buttons for lob passes, tackles, jukes, and sprint bursts to outpace opponents. Approachable for all ages, Stickman Soccer’s zany charm makes for accessible fun.

7. Vive le Football

While not officially licensed, Vive le Football brings fan-favorite clubs and players across Europe and South America to mobile in colorful caricature style.

Beyond exhibition matches, the game’s core Football Journey mode sees you guide your local club from lower league oblivion up the tables. Intuitive gamepad controls, smart AI, and play variety spanning counterattacks, set pieces, and individual brilliance realize the beautiful game on a miniature scale.

8. EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

Electronic Arts takes a scaled-down approach to recreate its best-in-class season gameplay with EA SPORTS FC Mobile.

Official licensing brings 19,000+ players and 700+ teams across leagues, including the Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. Hardcore football simulation fans will enjoy the game’s breadth and controller support—exploiting space, orchestrating build-ups, and finishing chances feel crisp with console-style inputs.

9. Score! Match – PvP Soccer

Combining swipe-based gameplay with optional gamepad controls, Score! Match delivers 1v1 online matches with real-time opponents.

Core gameplay revolves around directional shots towards randomly placed goals. Mastering precision slides, bank shots off walls, and faked-out moves against others demands skill and reactions.

Across simple pick-up games or ranked matches, score! Matches satiate competitive football gamers through unpredictable face-offs.

10. New Star Manager

While not simulating matchplay, New Star Manager excellently translates the strategic elements of running a football club to mobile.

You take the managerial hot seat with full control over signings, formations, transfers, and more while balancing expectations from executives and fans.

Immersive cutscenes and presentations breathe life into your sporting vision. For armchair tacticians, New Star Manager’s engrossing blend of management simulations and controller interactivity offers desktop-quality engagement on mobile.

11. Head Soccer

Cartoonish characters and outrageous power-ups meet frantic multiplayer mayhem in Head Soccer.

Drawing inspiration from air hockey, this quirky entry sees bobble-headed players bounce and ricochet a ball towards goal through slide tackles, jetpacks, and more.

Support for gamepads over local wireless play accentuates Head Soccer’s appeal for groups, where matches frequently descend into delightful chaos.


Mobile devices offer a rising selection of full-featured football games that play excellently with external controllers. While the entries captured here provide different styles and focuses, they commonly deliver deep interactivity for passing, shooting, and defending through button inputs rather than mere screen tapping.

For football gaming fans seeking precision, realism, and quick competitive thrills, these controller-supported mobile games showcase how far footy action has come on smartphones and tablets.

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