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20 Free iPhone Puzzle Games for Adults

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Looking for mentally stimulating free iPhone puzzle games for adults? This list covers some of the most engaging, challenging, and thoughtful puzzle games for adults that will really put your brain to work. These games range from serene to intense, so there’s a perfect brain-bending option for every adult.

Best Free iPhone Puzzle Games for Adults

1. Monument Valley

Guide a silent princess through mazes of optical illusions and impossible architecture. This indie puzzle game is known for its serene, minimalist aesthetic and clever manipulation of perception and geometry.

2. The Room

Scrutinize and open intricate puzzle boxes to uncover their secrets in this beloved 3D puzzle franchise. Meticulously designed puzzles require close observation and logical thinking to solve.

3. Threes!

Slide numbered tiles together to combine them and reach higher numbers in this addictive indie puzzle game. Its simple yet challenging puzzles require strategic planning.

4. Mini Metro

Design an efficient subway map to connect stations as more appear in this minimal yet challenging iOS puzzle strategy game. Visual spatial planning skills are key.

5. Lara Croft Go

Navigate Lara through ancient ruins and booby-trapped tombs in this turn-based puzzle adventure. Combines classic Tomb Raider with grid-based movement puzzles.

6. Hitman Go

Use strategy to help Agent 47 navigate fixed spaces while avoiding guards to take out targets. Elegant diorama-style visuals put a puzzle twist on the Hitman series.

7. Good Sudoku

Thousands of Sudoku puzzles, from easy to fiendishly hard, provide endless logical challenges. It’s the top classic pure logic puzzle game for iphone and ipad.

8. Mekorama

Guide an adorable robot out of 50 dioramic mechanical puzzles. This spatial reasoning puzzle charms with its imaginative level design.

9. hocus.

Minimalist optical illusions will twist perception. Rotate pieces to redirect lasers into all ports. Simple mechanics with satisfying “aha!” solutions. You can play this game on your iOS devices: iPhone or iPad.

10. Prune

Nurture a tree by pruning branches according to each level’s obstacles and goals. A poetic and relaxing experience grounded in spatial logic. It is playable on iPhone.

11. The Gardens Between

Manipulate time to guide two friends through dynamic garden landscapes in this artistic environmental puzzle game.

12. Gorogoa

Gorgeous hand-drawn imagery. Arrange and combine tiles to sequentially solve metaphorical puzzles. Creativity and lateral thinking required.

13. The House of Da Vinci

Escape a mechanical mansion by solving clockwork puzzles and contraptions. Atmospheric steampunk theme with varied spatial logic challenges.

14. Old Man’s Journey

Shape picturesque landscapes to pave an old man’s path in this beautifully meditative narrative puzzle game about life’s journeys. Easily playable on iOS.

15. Framed

Carefully rearrange comic book panels to change the narrative outcome and help the protagonist avoid capture in this novel noir puzzle game.

16. Layton’s Mystery Journey

Step into the great Professor Layton’s daughter’s shoes to bring color to her mystery-filled world via logic, visual, and lateral thinking puzzles.

17. Oxenfree

Navigate conversations and open-world environments full of supernatural mysteries. An eerie puzzle-adventure that rewards logic and exploration.

18. Tengami

Fold and slide beautifully crafted Japanese pop-up book environments to guide a character. Atmospheric puzzles elicit a sense of wonder.

19. Agent A

Use logic, observation, and items to solve escape-room style puzzles in this stylish retro spy adventure. Humor and witty writing accompany challenges.

20. Poly Bridge

Apply laws of physics to construct bridges and supports that allow vehicles safe passage in this engineering physics puzzle game.


Puzzle games provide a perfect way for adults to exercise their minds while having fun. With games ranging from visual to logic-based, relaxing to intense, and simple to complex, there are excellent brain-boosting options suitable for every puzzle-loving adult. Challenge yourself with these iOS puzzle games above for satisfying mental stimulation.

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1. What are some good iPhone puzzle games for adults?

Some popular and highly rated puzzle games for adults include The Room series, The Witness, Baba Is You, Return of the Obra Dinn, Portal 1 & 2, Talos Principle, and Gorogoa. Puzzles range from spatial reasoning to logic to narrative-based.

2. Are there puzzle games for adults that provide a challenge?

Yes, there are many puzzle games built specifically to challenge and engage adults. Some good challenging options include The Witness, SpaceChem, Infinity Loop, Downwell, Lemnis Gate, and Manifold Garden.

3. What puzzle games for adults can help improve brain function?

Logic and spatial reasoning puzzle games can help improve overall brain function. Some examples include Shadowmatic, hocus, FRAMED, Monument Valley, Cubello, Elevate, and Dr. Kuhn’s Brain Emporium.

4. Are escape room games a good puzzle option for adults?

Absolutely! Escape room games provide immersive puzzle solving. Great escape room games for adults include The Room series, The House of Da Vinci, Return of the Obra Dinn, Agent A, Rusty Lake games, and CTRL.

5. What are some iOS puzzle games adults can play together?

Good puzzle games for 2 or more adults to play together include Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Overcooked 1 & 2, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Pode, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, We Were Here series, and Escape the Game.

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