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Free Online Racing Games with Controller Support for Browsers

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Hey, are you searching for free racing games that support controllers and are playable on browsers?

So, stop searching and read this article. Everyone loves to play racing games, but if you want to play without installing the game, then you need to play online, for this you need a browser. But another problem is you don’t know much about this type of game so much.

There are very few gamepad supported online racing games, I have created a top list for you. So start reading, watch the gameplay, install the games and start playing now.

Free Online Racing Games with Controller Support for Browsers

1. Super Bike The Champion

If you love to play bike racing games, then this game is for you. You can control this game very smoothly with the Xbox controller and keyboard.

You just need a browser and an internet connection to play this game. The game interface is very simple, but also very exciting. You will need to race with other computer opponents; it is competition. If you win the first level, the second level will be unlocked.

The game has 14 different types of levels and 9 different types of bikes. You can customize your suit, helmet, bike, and bot in the game; you will get nine variations of each item. The graphics in the game are not so high, but it is enough to give you fun.

You will see the road map and the bike speed on the screen, which will increase your excitement.

2. Super Star Car

This is another online game that supports GamePad, but it is pretty hard to control the car in the game.

You need to play and practice to play this game like a pro. You can play this game both on the gamepad and on the keyboard. The graphics are fantastic for an online browser game; I hope you will love that. The game has a total of 10 levels, but you will need to unlock every level.

You can unlock the levels by collecting stars and winning the race in the game. Each level has a different car, and there are 13 different maps with unique environments and graphics. Many people played this game and loved it. I hope you will also love this game.

3. Super MX – Last Season

My younger brother enjoys this game because he enjoys bike games with controllers. This game supports the Xbox controller and also has a keyboard control system.

This is a very simple and easy game that anyone can play at any time on their browser. The xbox-control facility will increase your excitement in the game. The game features 10 racing tracks, 8 different types of bikes, 4 different types of customization options, allowing you to customize your suit, helmet, and boot.

This game has low-quality graphics, but I hope you will enjoy it if you play.

4. Tanuki Sunset

If you are looking for a different racing game or want a ski racing game, then this game is for you. In this game, you are a cat, and you need to collect diamonds to achieve higher points.

You will need to control your ski to avoid accidents and crashes. Its a very simple but exciting game that you will play with your Xbox controller.


The topic of today’s article was free online racing games with controller support for browsers. Sad to say, I’ve only been able to name 4 games above.

I could not find such games. If you find more games like this, don’t forget to let us know in the comments. I will not be angry if you write a thank you in the comments. Just kidding.

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