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Easiest Ways to Get Magnetite Subnautica below Zero

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To obtain Magnetite in Subnautica Below Zero, explore the Thermal Spires, Crystal Caves, and Deep Purple Vents. Utilize the Prawn Suit with its drill arm to mine large deposits efficiently.

Embarking on a quest to find Magnetite can significantly enhance your gameplay in Subnautica Below Zero. This essential resource is pivotal for crafting advanced equipment and upgrading your underwater gear, thus enabling deeper exploration into the game’s rich, alien ocean world.

easiest way to get magnetite subnautica below zero

Scouting the unique biomes filled with alien flora and fauna for Magnetite not only provides the resources needed for progression but also adds to the sense of adventure and discovery that defines the Subnautica experience.

With strategic planning and the right tools, securing a steady supply of Magnetite will put you on a fast track to unlocking the game’s full potential, ensuring you are well-prepared to face the challenges that lie beneath the freezing waters.

Introduction To Magnetite In Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero, the underwater adventure game known for its rich marine life and treacherous biomes, also features a plethora of materials essential for survival and technological advancements.

A key resource in this frosty undersea world is Magnetite, a mineral pivotal for crafting and upgrading equipment. For any diver eager to delve deeper into the secrets of Planet 4546B, understanding how to locate and harvest Magnetite isn’t just useful, it’s an absolute necessity.

Let’s explore the role of Magnetite in Subnautica Below Zero and uncover the best strategies for adding this valuable resource to your inventory.

Overview Of Magnetite In The Game

Magnetite stands out as a mineral with a characteristic metallic luster and dark coloration. It is not ubiquitous within the vast underwater expanses of Subnautica Below Zero, primarily located in specific biomes such as the Crystal Caves, Lilypad Islands, and Deep Twisty Bridges.

Players seek out Magnetite for its application in creating essential items like Habitat Builder, various scanner upgrades, and the Prawn Suit.

Importance Of Magnetite For Gameplay Progression

Progress in Subnautica Below Zero is closely tied to the player’s capability to enhance their equipment and extend their exploratory range. That’s where Magnetite comes into play.

This invaluable resource is the crux for tech advancements—it’s a key ingredient in recipes for advanced tools, base modules, and some of the most crucial upgrades. Without Magnetite, players may find themselves lagging in their journey, stymied by limitations that can be easily overcome with the right equipment.

General Tips Before Searching For Magnetite

Before setting off on a quest to find Magnetite, it’s crucial to prepare adequately to ensure the search is both efficient and safe. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  • Upgrade your Oxygen Tank: This ensures longer dives, especially when exploring deeper biomes where Magnetite is often found.
  • Equip a Sea Glide: Speed is of the essence when navigating through perilous areas that might be rich in Magnetite deposits.
  • Mark Valuable Locations: Use beacons to mark areas rich in resources, including Magnetite, for easy return trips.
  • Watch for Predators: Certain biomes with Magnetite are home to aggressive creatures. Always be vigilant and know your escape routes.
  • Carry Spare Batteries: Tools run on power. Having extra batteries on hand ensures you can keep exploring without interruption.

With these tips in mind, players can embark on their search for Magnetite with confidence, equipped not only with the necessary gear but also the knowledge to gather this vital resource effectively and safely. Find Magnetite, and unlock the full potential of this alien ocean world.

Tips to Find The Location of Magnetite in Subnautica Below Zero

subnautica below zero magnetite location
Magnetite Location Tips


  1. Explore the Twisty Bridges biome – Magnetite deposits can be found here in large rock formations that you can mine.
  2. Scan wrecks thoroughly – Magnetite is often found in wreckage, especially Mercury shipwrecks.
  3. Use a mineral detector – As you progress, you can build a mineral detector for your vehicles that will locate magnetite deposits.
  4. Go deep underground – Magnetite is found deeper in caves and underground biomes, so explore caverns.
  5. Drill with the Prawn Suit – The Prawn drill arm allows you to tunnel through large mineral deposits for a better chance of finding rare minerals.
  6. Check your vehicle’s onboard computer – It will update with nearby resources including magnetite as you explore new biomes.
  7. Look for larger rock clusters – Magnetite is found in bigger rock outcroppings that can be mined for ores.
  8. Dig underneath resources – Sometimes you need to dig underneath surface deposits to find the magnetite ore veins.
  9. Be thorough – Magnetite is rare, so be methodical in searching environments where it can spawn.

Understanding The Subnautica Below Zero Biomes

Embarking on an underwater adventure in Subnautica Below Zero immerses you in a world brimming with diverse biomes, each with its unique ecosystem and resources to discover.

Understanding these biomes is crucial for survival and success, especially when you’re on the lookout for specific resources like Magnetite – an essential material for various upgrades and tools. Let’s plunge into the depths and explore where and how you can effectively gather Magnetite in this icy marine frontier.

Biome Overviews And Their Resources

Subnautica Below Zero’s world is a tapestry of interconnected biomes, each serving as a habitat teeming with flora, fauna, and resources necessary for your survival. From the radiant coral reefs to the ominous deep-sea trenches, every biome is a unique ecosystem waiting to be explored. Recognize the specific materials each biome offers so that you can streamline your resource-gathering expeditions.

Specific Biomes Where Magnetite Can Be Found

  • Lilypad Islands: These tranquil surfaces hide a bounty below, with Magnetite nestled amongst the roots and rocks underwater.
  • Arctic Kelp Caves: A labyrinth of life, offering more than just a spectacle for the eyes, these caves contain pockets of Magnetite for the observant diver.
  • Crystal Caverns: As the name suggests, glowing formations light the way to not only stunning crystals but also to rich Magnetite deposits.

Pay attention to your environment as you traverse these areas, and you’ll be rewarded with the Magnetite you seek.

Dangers And Precautions In Magnetite-rich Biomes

Finding Magnetite may seem like a pure victory, but each biome comes with its own set of dangers.
Hostile creatures, environmental hazards, and the ever-looming threat of oxygen depletion can turn a diving expedition into a fight for survival.
Equip protective gear, arm yourself with defensive tools, and keep an eye on your oxygen levels to ensure you return from your mining adventures unscathed.

Navigational Tools And Their Uses In Locating Biomes

Navigating the vast ocean of Subnautica Below Zero requires more than just a sense of direction. Utilize navigational tools like the Compass, Beacon, or Seaglide’s built-in map to pinpoint biome locations and chart a course to your next destination.

Tagging important areas with beacons ensures you can find your way back to magnetite-rich regions with ease. Make sure to integrate these navigational aids into your exploratory routine for an efficient resource-gathering journey.

Best Methods For Acquiring Magnetite

Magnetite stands as a vital resource in the frigid depths of Subnautica: Below Zero. Crafting advanced tools or upgrading your equipment invariably depends on this elusive mineral. Collecting magnetite need not send shivers down your spine; with the right strategies, you’ll be stockpiling this resource in no time.

Let’s dive into the best methods for acquiring Magnetite, detailing where and how you can gather it efficiently in the game. Embrace these tips, and watch your Magnetite reserves soar.

Mining Outcrops: Which Types And Where To Find Them

The foundational method of procuring Magnetite involves mining outcrops. Not any outcrop will do; focus on Galena Outcrops, which contain this precious ore. Traversing the Arctic Kelp Caves and Deep Twisty Bridges often yields Magnetite.

These biomes are treasure troves for outcrop harvesting. Equip yourself with a Seaglide to navigate swiftly and keep an eye out for the grey-colored outcrops that blend subtly into the environment.

Scavenging From Sea Monkey Nests

Sea Monkeys are known for their hoarding habits, and their nests often contain rare materials, including Magnetite. Scour areas like the Lily Pad Islands or Shallow Twisty Bridges to spot these nests. Approaching with caution is advisable as Sea Monkeys tend to be protective of their finds. Nonetheless, a little stealth can lead to rich rewards.

Exploiting Geothermal Vents For Magnetite Deposits

Geothermal vents, with their intense heat and energy, not only shape the underwater landscape but also serve as prime spots for Magnetite. Regions like the East Arctic are punctuated by vents, where Magnetite can be mined. The heat-resistant suit is recommended before venturing in, ensuring safety while you mine.

Utilizing Sea Truck Upgrades For Efficient Resource Gathering

Enhance your efficiency in gathering resources like Magnetite with Sea Truck upgrades. Investing in the scanner room and its range upgrades specifically can exponentially increase your chances of finding Magnetite. Not only does it pinpoint resource locations, but it also facilitates faster collection.

The Prawn Suit: A Potent Tool For Magnetite Collection

For the ultimate mining experience, the Prawn Suit stands unmatched. When equipped with the Drill Arm, the Prawn Suit can easily harvest large Magnetite deposits found within the subterranean realms of Subnautica: Below Zero. This industrial strength method not only offers high yield but also protects from predators during collection efforts.

Optimizing Magnetite Collection

Embarking on a quest to collect magnetite in the frosty depths of Subnautica Below Zero doesn’t just require skill; it demands strategy. Optimizing Magnetite Collection is about more than finding the rare resource; it’s about gathering it efficiently and effectively. Let’s explore the best methods and steps to streamline your underwater resource hunt.

Inventory Management When Collecting Magnetite

Magnetite is vital, yet it consumes valuable inventory space. To maximize hauls, manage your inventory by equipping only essential items. Here are some tips:

  • Empty your pockets: Before departure, ensure sufficient space for magnetite.
  • Select tools wisely: Carry only tools imperative for the mission.
  • Use storage modules: Vehicle storage upgrades are a boon for bulky trips.

Maintaining Power Supply During Extended Expeditions

Long journeys in search of magnetite can drain your equipment’s power. Secure a constant power supply with these measures:

  1. Bring extra batteries or power cells: Always have backups to swap in.
  2. Install solar chargers: If traveling in daylight zones, solar panels on sea vehicles can provide a steady charge.
  3. Plan your route: Return to base or pass by outposts to recharge if needed.

Creating Underwater Waypoints For Magnetite Hotspots

Track magnetite sources efficiently by creating underwater waypoints. Use the following steps:

Step Action
1 Deploy beacons at magnetite-rich locations.
2 Name each waypoint clearly to remember specific sites.
3 Use your map to chart a path connecting all waypoints for an efficient route.

Collaborating With Sea Monkeys For Enhanced Collection

Boost your magnetite gathering by collaborating with sea monkeys. These curious creatures can bring items to you. To encourage their assistance:

  • Hold a tool: Sea monkeys are attracted to held items and might offer you magnetite.
  • Approach with caution: Move slowly to not startle them, ensuring successful interactions.
  • Be patient: Building rapport with these critters pays off in an enhanced harvest.

Crafting And Usage Of Magnetite

Magnetite, the alluring, dark mineral pulsating with magnetic energy, sits deep in the biomes of Planet 4546B. Essential for a plethora of advanced crafting recipes, striking the right balance in acquiring and utilizing this resource could mean the difference between survival and perishing in the cold depths of Subnautica Below Zero.

Let’s dive into how we can leverage Magnetite to enhance our undersea endeavours.

Essential Gadgets And Upgrades To Craft With Magnetite

Unlocking the full potential of Magnetite begins with crafting indispensable gadgets and upgrades. It’s a cornerstone for tech that will expand your capabilities and secure your survival. Here’s a list of gear that you’ll be able to enhance with this mineral:

  • Seaglide Upgrades: Boost your speed across the seafloor by upgrading this piece of equipment.
  • Thermal Reactor Modules: For your vehicles – turning heat into precious energy.
  • Scanner Room Range Upgrade: Magnify your Scanner Room’s reach to disclose more of what lies beneath the icy surface.

Building Habitats Using Magnetite: Pros And Cons

When it comes to constructing habitats, incorporating Magnetite can be a game-changer. Utilizing this mineral in your builds allows you to access enhanced modules and features. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of building with Magnetite:

Pros Cons
Enhanced Structures: More robust bases capable of withstanding the deep-sea pressures. Resource Intensity: Gathering Magnetite demands time and risks, as it’s found in perilous locations.
Functional Upgrades: Empower your habitat with advanced functionalities like stronger hatch doors and observatory domes. Scarcity: With fewer deposits available, every piece of Magnetite becomes incredibly valuable.

Long-term Storage And Efficient Usage Of Magnetite Resources

Establishing efficient storage solutions for your Magnetite caches ensures resources are available when you need them most. Use the following strategies to maintain a well-organized stockpile:

  1. Invest in Wall Lockers or Large Freestanding Lockers to segregate Magnetite from other resources.
  2. Create a dedicated storage area within your habitat specifically for rare materials like Magnetite.
  3. Do not overstock! Only mine what you need, as unnecessary hoarding can lead to inefficiency and resource wastage.

By carefully managing your Magnetite reserves, you’ll always have the critical components on hand for when invention or survival instincts beckon.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Magnetite Subnautica

1. Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Magnetite Below Zero?

The easiest place to find magnetite in Subnautica: Below Zero is in the Thermal Spires and Crystal Caves biomes.

2. What Is The Safest Way To Get Magnetite In Subnautica?

To safely obtain magnetite in Subnautica, explore the Jellyshroom Caves with a Seamoth for quick getaways or use a Prawn Suit for protection. Always watch your oxygen levels and avoid aggressive fauna. Carry extra batteries or power cells to ensure a safe return trip.

3. What Is The Easiest Achievement In Subnautica: Below Zero?

The easiest achievement in Subnautica: Below Zero is “Drop in the Ocean. ” Players earn it simply by starting a new game.

4. What Is The Fastest Way To Get Lead In Subnautica: Below Zero?

To swiftly collect lead in Subnautica: Below Zero, scour Galena Outcrops in rocky areas, primarily the Twisty Bridges biome. Utilize the Mineral Detector to locate outcrops faster for efficient gathering.


Navigating Subnautica: Below Zero’s icy depths for magnetite doesn’t have to be daunting. With the best methods and steps laid out, your hunt can be both efficient and enjoyable. Embrace the adventure, gather your resources strategically, and the sought-after mineral will be yours.

Dive in, the ocean’s bounty awaits!

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