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18 Best Survival Games for PPSSPP

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Survival game downloads for PPSSPP are increasing in popularity as more users discover the thrills of these engrossing games. With so many options, finding the best survival games optimized for the platform can be daunting. We’ve compiled the top 18 survival games for PPSSPP to help you find the perfect download for your device.

Best Survival Games for PPSSPP

18 Best Survival Games for PPSSPP

1. Minecraft

The creative and survival open world gameplay of Minecraft thrives on PPSSPP. Craft, build, farm, mine, and explore to your heart’s content in blocky 3D pixel perfection. With infinite worlds to generate and endless possibilities, it offers hours of addictive survival gameplay.

2. Don’t Starve

This tough wilderness survival game plops you down in a randomly generated world full of dangers including hounds, giants, and more. Forage, hunt, craft, research and try to survive as long as possible. Its Burtonesque art style brings an eerie atmosphere.

3. Terraria

Dig, fight, build, and explore elaborate 2D worlds in this addictive platforming survival sandbox. Craft weapons to battle hundreds of enemies and bosses. Cooperate or compete with friends in multiplayer mode for extra chaotic fun.

4. This War of Mine

In this gripping survival game, you control a group of civilians trying to endure the horrors of war in a city under siege. Scavenge supplies, craft and trade to survive each night, while making brutal decisions that impact your survivors.

5. Stranded Deep

After a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean, you’re left stranded on a chain of deserted islands. Search the isles for resources to craft the tools, weapons, shelter and more you’ll need to stay alive.

6. The Forest

Build, explore, and try to survive horrors from cannibalistic mutants in this terrifying first-person survival horror. Alone or with friends, craft a forest refuge to stay safe at night in this thrilling game.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved

Tame dinosaurs and fight or ally with other players in this addictive online survival adventure. Harvest resources to construct buildings, grow crops, and craft weapons to survive on an island filled with prehistoric creatures and dangers.

8. Rust

Create alliances and battle enemies in this brutal multiplayer survival game. Start with only rocks and torches at a random spawn point and work your way up to advanced weapons, bases and more as you fight the environment and other players.

9. 7 Days to Die

Build a refuge to stay safe from zombie hordes in this FPS survival crafted with Unity engine for stunning graphics. Scavenge supplies, farm, mine and more to withstand the growing onslaught of undead.

10. Conan Exiles

Based on Conan the Barbarian lore, this addictive survival game sees you banished to a wasteland. Craft your way from bare hands to unstoppable warrior, gain followers and dominate your enemies in brutal combat.

11. Subnautica

Crash landed in an alien underwater world, you must gather resources from the ocean depths to survive. Craft tools, habitats and subs to explore the vast map while uncovering the mystery of how you got there.

12. The Long Dark

Left stranded in the frozen Canadian wilderness after a geomagnetic disaster, you must adapt and survive the harsh conditions. With scarce food and resources, even small decisions can mean life or death.

13. Stardew Valley

Transform a rundown farm into a thriving homestead. Raise animals, grow crops, craft goods like wine and beer, fish and more to build your self-sufficient farm. Light combat adds extra survival stakes.

14. Raft

Stranded in the ocean on a tiny raft, you must gather debris floating by to craft a bigger raft and tools for survival. Watch for sharks and storms as you navigate the waters harvesting resources.

15. No Man’s Sky

Survive dangerous planets and space exploration in this sandbox style survival quest. Discover unique procedurally generated worlds that create limitless possibilities for survival gameplay.

16. Fallout Shelter

Oversee a grown vault of post-apocalyptic survivors. Manage food, water, power and more resources while protecting your vault dwellers from radioactive beasts invading their shelter.

17. State of Decay

Lead survivors in a zompocalypse in this gripping undead survival game. Explore an open world battling the undead, while building communities and securing supplies. Unique survivors bring distinct skills.

18. Dying Light

Parkour through a city overrun by zombies and fight to survive the night and hordes of undead. A day and night cycle impacts weapons and enemy behavior for added survival stakes. Coop play amps up the action.

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FAQs about PPSSPP Games

1. What are some of the best zombie games I can download for PPSSPP?

Some top zombie survival games for PPSSPP include 7 Days to Die, State of Decay, Dying Light, and The Last of Us. These offer engrossing open world survival gameplay against hordes of the undead.

2. Where can I find PPSSPP games to download?

You can find and download PPSSPP games from emulation websites like Emuparadise, Romsmania, Loveroms, and Vimm’s Lair. Be sure to check the game file requirements for your device before downloading.

3. What are some good island survival games for PPSSPP?

Great island survival games for PPSSPP include Stranded Deep, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Subnautica. These isolating island settings present fun crafting and exploration survival challenges.

4. What are some of the best crafting survival games on PPSSPP?

Top crafting survival games for PPSSPP include Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Don’t Starve, The Forest, and Terraria. Crafting is key in these games for building, tools, weapons and progress.


PPSSPP makes it possible to enjoy a huge library of engrossing survival games on your Android device. With endless variety across procedurally generated worlds, zombie apocalypses, oceans and more – you’re sure to find an immersive survival challenge. Just be sure to manage your resources wisely – staying alive is always the goal.

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