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18 Best Idle RPG Games for Mobile – Android/iOS

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Idle RPG games allow you to progress in the game even while not playing actively. These games are perfect for mobile devices since you can let your team or kingdom grow stronger even on the go when you only have a few minutes to spare.

This list covers some of the top idle RPG games for Android and iOS mobiles.

best Idle RPG Games for Android and iOS mobile

18 Best Idle RPG Games for Mobile – Android/iOS

1. AFK Arena

In AFK Arena, assemble a squad of heroes like Mirael, Saveas, and Brutus to battle automatically. Simply set your heroes fighting stages, and they will gain XP and loot even while offline. The anime-style graphics and multiple game modes from the campaign to guild battles make AFK Arena one of the most polished idle RPG experiences out there.

2. Summoners War

This popular game lets you collect over 1,000 unique monsters to fight for you as you progress through dungeons and scenarios. Power up your monsters through rune upgrades and evolution to make your squad mightier. Summoners War makes progression satisfying with plenty to manage between battles.

3. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 features sword-wielding titans battling mythical creatures like dragons and cyclopes. There are over 100 titans and pets to collect, each with their own skills. Set your titan slicing through stages, unlocking new heroes and abilities. With seasonal events and frequent updates, there is always fresh content to enjoy in Tap Titans 2 when taking a break from actively tapping foes.

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter brings the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout to mobile with an idle twist. You are the overseer building up a vault by managing dwellers, resources, pets, and gear. Send parties out into the wasteland to find loot while building the perfect Vault. The classic Fallout aesthetics make this game instantly recognizable even to those unfamiliar with idle gaming. Manage your vault on the go!

5. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

This Dungeons and Dragons inspired idle RPG lets you assemble a party of Champions to battle monsters automatically. Chests contain gear for your Champions to equip. Managing formations and upgrades between automatic battles provides satisfying progression. Unlock new Campaign adventures and Challenges as you amass more Champions.

6. Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle delivers tons of skills to train up as you battle monsters and raid dungeons. Advanced options like skill caps, enemy scaling, and drop rate bonuses provide additional customization options. The resource generation, gear crafting, and other systems make this one of the deepest idle RPG games out there. And it works flawlessly on iOS and android!

7. Dungeon Rushers

This 2D dungeon crawler RPG simplifies exploration, questing, and turn-based combat for quick play sessions. Manage a party of four heroes taking on various monster filled stages. Dungeon Rushers emphasizes efficient resource usage through proper team management between battles.

8. Nonstop Knight 2

The true endless runner RPG, Nonstop Knight 2 generates an infinite tower filled with monsters. Swipe left or right to slash enemies and collect coins to unlock heroes, gear, and upgrades in the shop. See how high you can climb the towers before ultimately falling in battle. It’s the perfect pick up and play idle RPG game.

9. Realm Grinder

In Realm Grinder you build your very own kingdom while managing resource generation. There are over 20 unique realms, from Elven Forest to the Undead Underworld, each with unlockable buildings, upgrades, worker types, and more. The exponential progression system makes numbers skyrocket into the duodecillions! Export your save to continue on mobile or PC.

10. Pocket City

This city builder mixes sim and idle elements as you expand from a small town to sprawling metropolitan area. When offline, citizens continue to work and generate resources. Then you can pop in to purchase new city zones, manage public services, handle disasters, and more as the mayor.

11. Epic Odyssey

Embark on an sword and sorcery adventure rescuing villagers and slaying beasts. Epic Odyssey features colorful high fantasy characters like Wiz the wizard and Balbar the Barbarian battling skeletons and demons. Enjoy the nostalgic pixel graphics!

12. Project: Soulstars

Collect over 100 beautiful anime girls known as “Soulstars” to fight battles automatically. Enjoy the cute chibi artwork style as your Soulstars gain new skills and powerful equipment. Unlock dorms to provide intimacy bonuses when away. With constantly new Soulstars introduced through events and summons, Project: Soulstars makes collecting them all a joy.

13. Egg Inc.: Reincarnation

In Egg Inc. build up an egg empire starting with just a few chickens in your backyard coop automatically laying eggs. With each reincarnation, significantly boost your egg laying productivity. Purchase new farms, vehicles, and research upgrades to massively increase output when idle or actively playing.

14. Knights of Ages

This medieval themed incremental idle RPG game tasks you with building a bustling kingdom from scratch. Manage resources and expanding farmland. Your knights and warriors will automatically attack enemies gaining coins and items to enhance the castle. Discover new lands with unique terrain that poses fresh challenges.

15. Chrono Odyssey

In a fantasy world locked in time, you play as Ari, a young refugee displaced by war possessing a mysterious clock. Battle monsters, enhance skills, and recruit allies automatically. The anime-style characters bring plenty of charm with a unique time-based progression system at the game’s core.

16. Alchemy Stars

Lead a team of Adepts with magical powers to restore the world corrupted by Alchemy in this anime-style RPG. Position units strategically in turn-based battles that unfold automatically. Different classes and elemental affinities add complexity when customizing your squad and tackling challenges.

17. Hyper Heroes

This hero collection RPG features chibi style friends battling adorable monsters. There are over 80 heroes to unlock from various factions with unique skills. Position your heroes on the battlefield strategically before they fight automatically. Earn gold and loot even while offline to keep powering up your squad.

18. Idle Miner Tycoon

This mining simulation tasks you with automating resource excavation and management fueled by tons of upgrades. Generate coal, gold, copper and more even when the game isn’t open using specialized lift shafts and warehouses. Become an industrial tycoon by optimizing your idle mining operations.


Idle RPG games removing much of the grinding and activity requirements make them perfect for gaming on the go when you only have brief moments to play.

This list highlights some of the top games across genres like city builders, hero collectors, clickers and more. Whether you want casual or hardcore progression systems, there is something for everyone looking for idle RPG games on Android and iOS.

Download a few that piqued your interest to enjoy during spare moments in your day!

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